ena endiaferon site k arthro gia tis ekloges sto katexomeno tmima tis Irlandias

ena poli kalo site gia tin palestini k ena arthro

Kalo mina, vrika ena poli kalo arthro gia tin palestini, einai to www.free-palestine.org k www.palestine.ma (k ta dio site einai to idio prama). Exoun poli kalo yliko k kalo update stin de3ia stili me ola ta teletytaia nea apo ton agwna twn palestiniwn. Mesa se ayto vrika k ena arthro gia tis ekloges sta katexomena tis Irlandias (den einai mono i kipros pou exei katexomena!!). Opws einai gnwsto o Blair akirose gia alli mia fora me tis gnwstes tou 'dimokratikes' diadikasies tis ekloges gia to koinovoulio tou Ulster. Idou k to keimeno Blair Compared with Pinochet Over N.Ireland's Elections Thursday, May 01 2003 @ 06:14 PM GMT LONDON - The British prime minister was likened with former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet Thursday amid growing speculation that he would call a further delay to elections to the devolved Northern Ireland Assembly. "Tony Blair is about to join the illustrious band like General Pinochet and African countries like the Ivory Coast where elections are called off," said Nigel Dodds, Belfast MP for the anti-agreement pro-British Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). "This is the sort of activity you get in a country which knows nothing about democracy, where leaders interfere with people's right to chose when they think the result will not be to their liking," Dodds was quoted saying by PA News. His comments came as the British government was expected to make an imminent announcement to further postpone the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, which are scheduled for May 29 after previously delayed from May 1. "Blair has fought a war in Iraq to bring about democracy, but in his own backyard on the very day when Scotland and Wales go to the polls he is refusing the people of Northern Ireland the right to vote," the DUP MP said. Doubts about the elections are due to the current political vacuum caused by the suspension of Northern Ireland's devolved institutions last October and the failure so far to reach an agreement on implanting the outstanding issues of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Dodds said that he was convinced that the elections were being delayed to prevent expected gains by the DUP at the expense of the mainstream pro-British Ulster Unionists (UUP), which has been sustaining the peace agreement amid growing opposition. "Make no mistake about it, there is only one reason for this: Tony Blair has listened to the Ulster Unionists pleading to put off the elections in order to save (its leader) David Trimble's skin," he said. Opinion polls have suggested that voting in the current climate could lead to a greater polarization of Northern Ireland politics with the possibilities of the DUP and Sinn Fein emerging of the biggest parties. In its campaigning, the DUP has been calling for the election to be used as a signal to destroy the peace agreement because of its opposition of Sinn Fein's involvement. Trimble, whose own party is divided over supporting the peace agreement, has received the backing of the British prime minister, in calling for a final statement from the IRA, effectively declaring that its armed struggle against British rule is over. IRA clarification would boost the pro-agreement faction in the UUP and is seen as the first step to unblock an agreement on a 'blueprint' to implement all the outstanding issues of the Good Friday agreement. But disputes have remained largely over the use of words aimed to underline a 'complete cessation' of all activities by paramilitary groups amid suspicions that they will be interpreted as a total surrender by the IRA. -[Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).] Published at the Palestine Chronicle.

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