O laos sto dromo stin Venezuela-to praxikopima mallon apetyxe

Ekantontades xiliades laou vgike stous dromous stin Venezuela kai apo oti fainetai os tora to amerikanokinito praxikopima apetyxe.

April 13, 2002 Coup junta leader flees Caracas governmental palace • This afternoon Venezuelan constitutional forces took Miraflores palace and ousted Pedro Carmona, leader of the coup junta, who left for an unknown destination • Meanwhile, the whereabouts of detained president, Hugo Chávez, is still officially unknown BY GABRIEL MOLINA JUST after 4:00 p.m. today Cuban television announced that this afternoon Venezuelan constitutional forces had taken the governmental palace and ousted Pedro Carmona, who left for an unknown destination. The CNN network confirmed that Carmona had restored functions to the National Assembly. Tens of thousands of demonstrators outside Miraflores Palace demand Chávez’ presence. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Hugo Chávez, the detained president, who was taken off by helicopter today from the military unit where he was arrested, is officially unknown, and there are fears for his life. At 2:30 p.m. Cuban television began transmitting information on the situation in Venezuela obtained through telephone communications between Randy Alonso, the Roundtable program moderator, and members of Chávez’ family and civil and military leaders loyal to the constitutional government. Transmitted live, Cuban TV gave the up-to-the-minutes news that members of the Presidential Guard of Honor at Miraflores Palace had ousted Carmona from that venue. It added that Caracas artillery and infantry forces had repelled the coup d’état and that tens of thousands of citizens were descending from the hills en route for the palace to demand Chávez’ restitution in the presidency. It likewise informed that air force and naval units, plus the Maracay parachute battalion, were resisting the coup. At 4:30 p.m. it was announced that the people had taken the palace. The initial news of resistance to the coup was affirmed in an interview with Division General Julio José Montoya, permanent secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, who made the following statement from Maracay: "I wish to transmit this message so that the international public is aware of the feelings of a group of Venezuelan soldiers. "We are not pro-Chávez or politicians and neither do we aspire to positions, we are professional and institutional soldiers, and understand that, for a soldier, being institutional is above all being a citizen, and that the principal institution of a country is the Republic. "As an institution, the Armed Forces are at the service of the Republic; we are impartial, and we do not recognize the de facto junta. Chávez must be released, and the people allowed to elect, we do not recognize the de facto junta, and are asking for the release of the citizen and president of the Republic, and that Article 366 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela be applied. This states that the vice president of the Republic should assume the presidency and that elections be held within no more than one month so that the people can determine, through a revocation referendum, whether Chávez should continue being president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. "I call on all compatriots of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and people on the streets creating disorder and disturbances: please return to your homes and stay calm while this situation is being solved and a satisfactory way out can be found through a reasonable proposal; that you will be invited to a revocation referendum. However, it is also extremely important that Mr. President Chávez of the Republic be released and that the vice president should assume the post. If not, we would be under the authority of a de facto junta which lacks any element of legality. "We want peace and tranquility, for Venezuelans to return home and military units to remain in their units in order to avoid confrontations. This is a call for good sense and for the media to transmit truthful information that is not distorted and partial. We hope that this message will reach the conscience of every citizen in the world and in Venezuela." Also by telephone contact, the mayor of Sabaneta, Barinas state, stated that some representatives of the Federation of Venezuelan workers had refused to sign the junta document. "I also have to state," he added, "that Paré, minister of the interior, has been detained by the de facto government, and Dr. William Sahat, an eminent figure at international level and a defender of human rights, is likewise detained. "Those of us here in Sabaneta, Commandante Chávez’ land, and in Barinas state in general, are ready to defend this revolutionary process with our lives and, from here, I would like to send greetings to all those Cuban sports technicians and doctors who stayed with us to the last minute, and to thank the Cuban people for the great support that they have shown us. "I have information that a colonel who is committed to the revolutionary process and belongs to the air force has risen up in Maracay, taken the regional television station and has three battalions under his command. Likewise, another sector of the Venezuelan navy has risen up against this fascist regime promoted by the United States." María Gabriela Chávez, President Chávez’ daughter, said that her father had been taken to a little island called La Orchila, that he had been maltreated and that she had not been permitted to communicate with him. She has been unable to speak with President Chávez since Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. People have gathered in front of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, calling for their president to be returned to them and she believes that this is why he has been maltreated and taken away. That has led to various deaths, she added. Chávez’ daughter stated that the press have not mentioned this at all and confirmed that the military forces have rebelled, quoting the Maracay parachute regiment which, she said, is ready to attack Caracas. Its commander, General Raúl Isaías Baduel is at the head of the battalion, together with Divisional General Julio José García Montoya, permanent secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. Finally, María Gabriel affirmed that the coup participants had beaten and maltreated various ministers.

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Στις 02.50 τοπικη ωρα ο Τσαβεζ ανελαβε παλι την εξουσια.Χιλιαδες λαου μπροστα στο προεδρικο μεγαρο τραγουδουσαν τον εθνικο υμνο και φωναζαν¨ Chavez amigo,el pueblo esta contigo.

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