Anniversary of the DHKP-C

the foundation anniversary of the DHKP-C 1994-2002 Revolutionary Struggle in Turkey

The foundation anniversary of the DHKP-C 1994-2002 Revolutionary Struggle in Turkey The foundation anniversary of the DHKP-C 1994-2002 The sruggle continua INVITATION TO THE FOUNDATION ANNIVERSARY OF THE DHKP-C We invite all friends, organisations and parties who take part in the struggle for Independence, Democracy and Socialism against imperialism and its collaborators, to participate and support the celebration of the 8th Foundation Anniversary of our Party-Front. The revolution struggle is alive, the struggle for socialism is alive, HOPE is alive. Maybe today the world people in a lot of country are faced with regress as a result of the Imperialist attacks. But, as long as imperialism tries to condemn the world people to hunger, injustice, degeneration, thurst and the loss of ideology, nowhere in the world the struggle for REVOLUTION will end. The world people will once again raise the wave of revolution in the whole world. The struggle in Asia, in the Middle East, in Latin America, Africa and Europe is growing again. Once again millions of people stand up against the exploitation and oppression of the system. The death fast in Turkey which is continuing for six seasons, continues inspite of its 90 martyrs. It is the belief in socialism and revolutionary ideology, which is continuing. In Palestine the people are fighting against their destruction. Inspite of all surroundings they continue the resistance with the sacrificial tradition that was created by the struggle. From Nepal to Colombia, from Palestine to Turkey, from Italy to Spain and Ireland, the struggle against the war of conquest of imperialism increases everywhere. Neither the demagogy of September 11, nor the demagogies of terrorizm can hide the enemyship to humanity or the people of imperialism. Imperialism was terrorist and still continues its terrorizm. Imperialism was bandit and continues its banditry. We also continue to assert in the revolution. We call upon every person, organisation and party, that fights against fascism and imperialism, to participate in our central celebration, or to show solidarity by forwarding messages of support. We´re going to translate the statements which are reaching us before the festival. Around 5.000 people will be participating in our celebration. We appeal to thousands of hearts to shout from one mouth our slogans against Imperialism and Fascism. All anti-imperialist, anti-fascist organisations are invited to run information desks at our celebration. But to avoid any technical problems it is appreciative to be informed by the participants in advance. Revolutionary Greetings WELCOME to everybody. Address: Groenoordhallen: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2, Leiden, The Netherlands Date and Time: 27 April 2002, 2.00 p.m. For contact and solidarity messages: DEVRIMCI HALK KURTULUS CEPHESI Amsterdam Enformasyon Bürosu (REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE´S LIBERATION FRONT) Information Bureau Amsterdam

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