Timur Kacharava (21.08.1985-13.11.2005) St.Petersburgh

Student of philosophic facultee.Musician.Antifascist.Our friend.20- age to begin. But not for him. Nazi knife 5 times cuted his throat…

Alexandr Ruchin (25.04.1986-16.04.2006) Moscow

After hardcore gig he had wounds in the head and in heart. 6 nazis .again knifes…

Stanislav Korepanov

He lived only 17 years. He loved life , he was optimist. After fight with Nazis he died in hospital in Izhevsk.

Ilja Borodaenko(27.01.1981-21.07.2007)Nachodka

Activist, anarchist was killed by Nazis in ecological camp in Angarsk

7th October we’ll make action near Russian embassy in Belarus.We wanna your support all over the world this day or another . You could find local Russian embassy in your country , you could make demo , send letters to Russian politics.
Problem is that Russian government don’t care about racism , they said about hooliganism or other shit at the time when a lot of immigrants killed by nazi boneheads. Here’re four antifa kids killed in Russia….
Fuck nazi scum
Fuck fascist governments

από QLALENIA 06/10/2007 9:47 πμ.

What time will the demonstrations in Belarus take place?
Because maybe, if a demo in Athens could be organized, it might make sense to do it approximately a close time to the one in Belarus.

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