2nd Screening of Videoactivism and Independent Documentaries, Caracas January 2008

* The collective editors of the Venezuelan journal El Libertario and the Organizacion Nelson Garrido, have issued a call out for filmmakers and video activists from all over the world to present their recent autonomous works concerning active social movements in struggle. This will be held in Caracas, Venezuela, between the 21st and the 28th of January 2008.

Two years ago as part of the Alternative Social Forum, an autonomous event that ran parallel to the World Social Forum that took place in Caracas in January 2006, the first screening of Independent Documentaries and Videoactivism took place, in which 13 documentaries from seven countries were screened (www.fsa.contrapoder.org.ve/muestravideo.htm). We are issuing a call out now for the second screening which will take place in the Venezuelan capital, as well as in other cities in Venezuela.
This event is open to productions in the Spanish language, as well as those made in other languages as long as they have Spanish subtitles. Productions to be entered must be on DVD and have a sheet with the appropriate technical details. Anyone interested in participating should contact us with a brief synopsis of their project at: periodicoellibertario@gmail.com
The objectives of the screening are:
- To screen recent autonomous audiovisual productions that document social movements.
- The creation of a space dedicated to the development and diffusion of videoactivism.
- To promote independent film circuits, alternatives of intercultural exchange and audiovisual projection.
In addition to this, we shall be showing, as a special activity, the film screening “Grito surburbano: 30 años de punk en Iberoamérica” (Shouting from the suburbs: 30 years of punk in Latin America), with the objective of recording the context of poverty and military dictatorship in which this counterculture developed in our countries.
The venue for the screenings in Caracas will be the headquarters of the Nelson Garrido Organisation (ONG), an independent space for alternative culture and development, (www.organizacionnelsongarrido.com), from the 21st to the 28th January 2008. The organisers hope to include in the program a basic theoretical/practical workshop on documentary film making for activists of social organisations. The ONG offers to pay for the living costs of anyone who would be able to facilitate this dynamic training.
For more information about El Libertario (in Spanish & English) visit the website at www.nodo50.org/ellibertario

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