The morning of Sunday 29 July, an intervention was made in Mont Parnes (a casino in ,Mount Parnitha which was recently burned, the same casino which tries to expand to the burned grounds of the mountain):
banners where opened , some slogans where shouted and red paint was thrown.
The moving of the state mechanisms was constant, many-sided and long, different than the days the mountain was burning. Riot police, under cover police and helicopters where "guarding" the burned forest of Parnitha , the "natural" source of profit. The protection of profit and the unblocked work of gamblers  seems to have greater importance than the natural environment.
26 people (of the approximately 35-40 that originally went there) were arrested with the help of the casino workers and the mayor of Thrakomakedones municipality , Themis Oikodomou. The arrested where beaten up while they where hand-cuffed and then held in the GADA (Central Police Control Athens) without medical help and even without water. It is also remarkable that when they complained about the conditions of their arrest they where brutally attacked inside the police headquarters by a squat of riot police.
Immediately after their move in GADA a group of people met in front of the headquarters to express their solidarity. They stayed there until late in the night when charges where announced . Disturbance of peace and unprovoked damages. The charges where announced after the complaint of the Casino.
After the holocaust of Parnitha and the anxious rescue of the casino (while the forest was indifferent), the company Regency Εntertainment, few days before showed it's hypocritical "ecological" feelings announcing that it will sponsor the re-foresting of the area, after though the bestowal of 62.5 acres  for the expansion of Mont Parnes.    

Athens, Greece

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