Anarchist ideas are returning to Bolivia, unitiing different generations and demanding their place in history. The first months of the year have been fertile for acratic activity. The anarchist-communist group Juventudes Libertarias in Sucre has launched the second number of its periodic "A LAS CALLES" [To the streets! - trans.] together with the first issue of a more political publication called "EL YUNQUE DE ACRACIA" [The Anvil of Anarchy - trans.]. Meanwhile, the anarchist collective QUILOMBO LIBERTARIO of the city of Santa Cruz participated in the first Anarchists Days organized by the FAG in Porto Alegre, making an outstanding contribution. In addition to this, they have published two issues of their bulletin, called QUILOMBO, and in March they will publish Nos. 3 and 4 of the bulletin, a magazine for the general public, and will develop theoretical-ideological documents that will serve as instruments for the present time. For April, the Gabriel Rene Moreno University has planned a series of 2 to 3 conferences on anarchism: Epistemological Anarchism, the Commune of Buenos Aires, The Proletariate and Class Struggle and others on Anarchism and Globalization. On the 1st May (a starting date which is not by chance) the 2nd CYCLE OF ANARCHIST CINEMA begins, showing Sacco and Vanzetti, Rebellious Patagonia, Wild Horses and a fourth to be defined (and obtained). For the second half of the year it is planned to open a Forum that will complement the work of the library that has been operating for some months. In the city of La Paz the ANTI-STATE RESISTANCE Collective, gathers its forces and initiates this month, a series of anarchist conferences at the largest university in Bolivia. In parallel, various groups and individual anarchists will join anticapitalist forces with comrades for the approaching opening of Indymedia Bolivia. Any solidarity and internationalist collaboration is needed and welcome, for example lecturers with possibilities of visiting us, libertarian literature, computer equipment, moral support, etc. Juventudes Libertarias, Bolivia.

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