Policemen shot a flare rocket on an injured demonstrator

After injured in a conflict between demonstrators, he was shot with a flare rocket by the police. He was in great danger long after he went to the hospital

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During the demonstration, the members of the of the Youth of the Sosial(democratic) Party, armed with beams and helmet, clashed with other demonstrators being around [photos]. 3 students got injured at that time. One of them received a knock with a beam. While he was on the ground the police tried to intervene and shot him with a teargas on the head. He was transferred to the hospital; he had got 2 slight fractures on the skull. Later he got internal bleeding, which was luckily diagnosed in time. He had an operation and he is fine now.

από ... 21/11/2006 5:09 μμ.

But a flash-bang grenade.

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