Brazil: the perfect electoral crime

The election was totally clean? Was there fraud in the election? God only knows. And some corrupt ones, also. Specialists warn: the security and the allegiance of the result of the electronic ballot box are not fidiciary.

Brazil: the perfect electoral crime The election was totally clean? Was there fraud in the election? God only knows. And some corrupt ones, also. Specialists warn: the security and the allegiance of the result of the electronic ballot box are not fidiciary. The Electoral Superior Court oath that the election happened in the best one of the possible worlds. Some good people would believe this, certainly. But who understands of the subject sentences: we were victims of a perfect electoral crime. The certainty is that 104 million 819 a thousand and 213 Brazilian voters had voted in October the first. Only the absolute confidence in the electronic process, in a Country governed by the world-wide power of the organized crime, guarantees that the vote given by the voter was really for the candidate whose number typed. The reality of the facts does not supply the same guarantee, and nor allows that somebody has absolute confidence in an electoral process that does not allow a posterior auditorship of the votes given by the citizens. We have to trust the smoothness of the technological process if we like it or not. Now, such diffidence gains revolt airs. Sets of ten of candidates to the house of representatives, in the State of São Paulo, had started to articulate, last week, to enter with an action into the Electoral Regional Court, asking for the cancellation of the election. They point some indications and suspicion of frauds. A candidate until denounces that he received tempting a proposal from corruption to guarantee its election in the totalling of the votes. The idea, according to Pablo Kasseb (of the PRP), lode of VIP back in the Electoral Superior Court. The candidates, who promise to rebel themselves, warn that the Federal Policy already would have until tests of clones of the ballot boxes that had been used in the city of Guarulhos. If the case will not be sultry, will be a scandal of gigantic ratios, only comparable to the frauds in the times of the famous "election in the penalty peak", in the decade of 20 of the passed century, that was one of the reasons for the called "Revolution of 30" (that was not a real revolution, but moved in the electoral system that was a fraud alone). However, as serious denunciations, with objective elements, are exactly not taken seriously in Brazil, everything indicate that the case will to summarize more the one would cry out of defeated candidates (with legal action who will be rejected, early, for corporative Electoral Justice). In the end of the accounts, the ridiculous episode will be portraied by a famous phrase of João Saldanha: "Who complains has already been defeated". And life goes on... Some objective truths aches (over all in the ear of the magistrates), but need to be said. Electoral Justice, with its strategy of marketing, practises a true crime of fraud against the voter, when its advertising propagates the false information of that "the election is synonymous of democracy". It is not. That is a lie. First, because the electoral process is democratic party to suit. Second, because, in Brazil we do not have Democracy. Simple and objective. Democracy is the Security of the Right. In our Country, we do not have Security of the Right. Another truth that aches - and very much - is that the electoral process, always served to legitimate the "Real Power" and the effective status quo of the system that controls the world and controls Brazil too. Such power commands the called "Government of the Organized Crime". The government of the organized crime is the left-hand side objective association of formal criminals of all the species with members of the state, for the practice of delictual actions. The outlaws use the corruption on the republican institutions as the main one half to reach its ends. The crime is not organized without the participation of the State. Therefore, mainly in Brazil, but also in other nations, we can make a joke that we live under a "Cleptocrátic State without Right". The greek word Cleptocracy, means, literally, "Been governed for thieves". The organized crime uses the ideological corruption, violence and subtilities as instruments of domination of the society. In Cleptocracy, Democracy in the practical objective does not exist. In this regimen, the injustice reigns. The legitimate "right is instituted to steal" or "to usurp the laws", that it is the negation of any Right. Into the cleptocratic conjuncture, the Judiciary power becomes, in the best hypothesis, unconscious agent of the legitimation of the organized crime, in partnership with executive them and Legislative. And the politics, as motor force in the power, to serve of main conscientious agent of the organized crime. The delinquents of the politics control the electoral process that electoral Justice has the vain pretension to manage. They make the laws. The magistrates only limit themselves to interpret them. By the way, in Brazil, the TSE is, at the same time, executive, legislative and judiciary. The Court, with super-powers, makes everything simultaneously. For irony, they are its ministers who receive the complaints from the laws that had not been fulfilled (to the times, because the proper TSE I find for good not cumpriz them). Its super-powerful ministers have the power to receive the denunciations, to postpone the decisions, to acquit and to condemn. As much power, when it is outside of the control of the society, finishes transforming the process, literally, in a "Electoral Zone". Another sin committed for the TSE is to vender to the voters the subjective truth of that the electronic vote is safe. Without posterior auditorship, it is not. The electronic ballot box does not guarantee the smoothness of the process. In the maximum, it assures the rapidity of the verification. Another illusion is the private vote in the electronic process. Specialists - as engineer Amilcar Brunazo Filho and Walter Del Picchia - denounce that our vote can be identified, in the current system of voting. Worse still, through a computer programming, the vote can be deviated. Here it is the perfect crime. The electoral system, in the country governed for the organized crime, needs to promote a magic (electronic and modern, of course) to convince to the auditorium voters of that the vote is safe and of that the detainer of an electoral heading is the "master" of the politicians. It would be the prize deserved for who spends rivers of public money to only convoke the voter to play its votes into true electoral casino of Al Capone. They want plus a capital sin of our electoral process? Specialists in Electoral law assure that our Electoral Code, of decades behind, is totally unbalanced to deal with elections in electronic ballot boxes. Moreover, specialists also complain that the electoral magistrates, that take care of of the lawsuits in the States, technically are not prepared for the function, therefore, hardly, a magistrate are specialist in Electoral law. The state judge receives a gratuity from 1/3 of the wage of a Federal Judge to take care of of the Electoral Zone. Before the reader-voter is bored, we need to find solutions. The problem already exists and it does not go to move, if everything will be kept as it is. Some steps are urgent, so that if it is not crying on milk spilled after each election. The first one is to modify, radically, our electoral model. We need to think about the district vote, the district-compound or the district one of average magnitude, so that the local power is valued and can be fiscalized, more than close, for the citizen-voter-contributor. The second urgent action is to improve the electronic voting, including the vote printed matter (for posterior auditorship of the process, with the fiscalization of the citizens). Third it would be to professionalize Electoral Justice, with magistrates really specialized in the subject. Despite the good ideas and intentions - that they crowd the hell -, we cannot in deluding them. Of nothing it advances to improve the institucional mechanisms of the vote, if the government of the organized crime to continue operating in Brazil and if not to construct and to consolidate a Democracy here (established in the Security of the Right), with national sovereignty and self-determination. Without these estimated basic, we will only have "electoral reforms" and "reforms politics" so badly made (and made for the evil) that they go to dissimulate that they change everything, so that everything is of the same skill that is. The remedy is bitter taste, but it decides (as the old "Bitter Drops", good for the liver, because it has liver to support the government of the crime). Or we adopt the solution to breach with the current model, or will be, as soccer fans, fanatic and idiots, vibrating with the secondary dispute between politicians who are mere representatives of interests of the real controllers of the world-wide economy. They always win. But, one day, the part organized and conscientious of the "twisted one" if rebels against them and promotes the change true. The game did not finish. It has much ball to roll. Life goes on...

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