direct action and european political spaces

some commentaries from the 5 may action in Athens

We took part in the action of friday 5 may as an autonomous organization from the ESF in which we don't have subscribed declarations and programs. We went to the action by invitation of the Autonomousplayground space that we supported from the beginning and with Diktios that we respect for its useful and important political job. We believe that direct action is not just a simbolic practice and that is meant to contrast the capital and the state on their ground and with the most high effectivity that is possible. we also understand that the action of friday 5 had a very plural political component inside. we just criticize the attitude of the left political parties that present a "radical" discourse and do not support a consecuent and effectve political action. We invite all the anti-racist political groups in Greece to go on with us in the discussion and in the building of a common action ground for an europe without borders and without bosses. Ya Basta delegation in Athens. may 2006 news on

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