70.000 to 100.000 people marched in Athens streets (according to the organisers of the ESF - the cops reported just 12.000).

The demonstration was a colourful caravan of people coming from all around Europe, shouting for the peace, the freedom, the civil and human right against the neoliberalism, the poverty, the repression, the unemployment.

In front of the march were the greek and international trade Unions, the foreign political groups, members of the European Social Forum worldwide as well as immigrants, activists, ecologists, communists, leftish, social places, education networks. They were shouting, singing, even dancing on the music tempo of the loudspeakers.

The march started in front of Athena statue, at Pedio tou Areos and took a couple of hours so that the last groups could start walking, cause they were standing quite dense. It was more than 1km long. They also marched in front of the Court Yard, the Police Headquarters, the American Embassy, the war museum, the Brittish Embassy, the EU offices and ended in front of the parliament at 6 o'clock, where an improvised street party evolved for a couple of hours.

Several riots occured, when some demonstrators fired molotov cocktail or threw stones against the cops. The cops were a lot, they had blocked several streets and sidewalks. When the riots started, they sprayed a lot of tear gas, so the air was even heavier for a lot of hour. About 3 people were transfered to the hospital

30 people were detained, 13 were officially arrested. There might be solidarity actions later on.

A music concert is going to be held tonight in the ESF area.

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