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December 8, 2002 Please Distribute Widely "I will not give in to blackmail nor pressures of any kind. I swear to you that I will be with the people my entire life. You brought me here and you are the only ones who can get rid of me. Nobody else is going to take me out of here." - Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Saturday, December 7, 2002 Dear Colleagues, To read the commercial news reports from Venezuela, one might almost think there is a popular "strike" that has brought an "authoritarian" regime to its knees, threatened U.S. oil supplies and that the Chavez government is not allowing the people to vote on its continuance. None of those above statements are true in the slightest, but the simulating behavior of most English-language correspondents from Caracas is, as ever, over the top and knowingly false. To help clear up the haze of lies and distortion with some facts, Narco News publishes the analysis by three correspondents on the scene in Venezuela, including two professors from the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism: Thierry Deronne, the Belgian journalist who works with Tele-Tambores Community TV in Venezuela; Max Arvelaiz, the French-Venezuelan communications consultant to the Chavez government, and, Paul Emile-Dupret, observer and official of the European Parliament, all eye-witnesses to events in recent days. You can read their factual accounts at: Other late-breaking news items: - The Venezuelan Navy today regained control of the hijacked oil tanker from its mutinous captain. The last effective maneuver of the upper-class "opposition" was thus foiled and the "strike" (management imposed lockout of workers from their jobs) that began last week has now fracased on every front. - Friday night's contemptible shooting of civilians in an opposition demonstration by gunmen, resulting in the capture of Portuguese national Joao Gouveia, has taken a shocking turn: "Congressman of the MVR party (Fifth Republic Movement) and journalist Juan Barreto reported today that Joao Gouveia, the Portuguese citizen accused of having assassinated various members of the opposition concentrated in Plaza Francia of Altamira (the wealthy section of Caracas) entered the country (Friday) at 5:40 p.m. coming from Lisbon. Barreto said that Gouveia confessed that he had been contracted by pro-coup General Medina Gomez to cause a massacre in Altamira, for which he was paid 35 million bolivares. "Congressman Barreto said that as a journalist he has contacts in various agencies and information that the accused was acting as if he were paranoid, faking that he was mentally ill, but after examined by different psychiatrists who determined he was lucid, finally confessed this morning. "Barreto reported that in a few hours the video of Gouveia's confession will be made public." Source: - If this is true, and such a video confession exists, as the congressman and journalist reports, the "opposition" leaders who have, without a shred of evidence, blamed Chavez and his supporters for Friday's shootings (3 dead, 28 wounded), will have to face facts that one of their own top leaders is capable of ordering his own supporters shot in order to create destability and mayhem in order to justify another coup attempt by rogue uniformed forces. General Medina Gomez, like clockwork - we remind - moments after Friday night's shootings called on military officials to overthrow the elected government by force. The Armed Forces - significantly cleaned-up after last April's two-day military coup - have remained solidly on the side of the constitution this round (as evidenced by today's smooth retaking of the hijacked oil tanker). - This video would also raise very clear questions about who was behind the sniper attacks last April that created the first pretext to try and take power by upper-class coup. As previously reported by Narco News and others, the snipers captured last April 11th were freed on April 12th by Dictator-for-a-Day Pedro Carmona (a fact still not reported by the simulating commercial correspondents). It is difficult for many to believe that there are interests so cynical as to order their own supporters shot to gain sympathy for their "cause," but to close observers of the Venezuelan reality this possibility is not surprising at all. Stay tuned as we hunt down the facts. - Finally, after months of turning the other cheek, Venezuelan President Chavez today announced that middle and upper level managers of the state oil company who participated in this week's sabotaje and hijacking maneuvers will be fired: a decision that is reasonable by any standards, and, in fact, overdue. - Meanwhile, today, two million Venezuelans took to the streets today to defy the "strike of the spoiled brats" and defend their electoral choices. The mood is still tense but all the momentum and factual information continues to cumulate on the side of constitutional rule and against destabilizing coup attempts. - One of the losers of this week's skirmishes is U.S. State Department fixer Otto Reich. (We note that Secretary of State Colin Powell was, surprisingly, not accompanied by Reich in his trip last week to Colombia, an indication that Reich's extremist brinkmanship in South America is increasingly viewed as counter-productive even among moderates, like Powell, in the Bush administration.) The events of the next few days could accomplish the "two-fer" of putting to rest delusional coup fantasies by anti-democracy forces in Venezuela and also be the final nail in the coffin of Reich's reign over U.S. Latin America policy. It's was the Venezuelan electorate in 1998 (and five times since) that started the ball rolling for a united Latin America against outside impositions. The Venezuelans withstood and turned back April's coup attempt, and appear to have the current one well in hand. In early January, Brazil will inaugurate president Lula de la Silva and Ecuador's Lucio Gutierrez is walking through the same door in his country. There will no doubt be cynical commercial media correspondents who continue to "cry wolf" with their hysterical predictions of the overthrow of Venezuela's democratically elected government. But their wolf-crying has diminishing effect after having been so wrong so many times. What they don't admit, at least not in their simulated reports, is that the coups fail precisely because democracy in Venezuela is so extraordinarily healthy, compared to that of any other country in the hemisphere. It is vibrant. It is strong. It respects human rights and voter control. And it has been exemplary in its tolerance displayed toward a bratty and disruptive upper-class "opposition." As Venezuela has lived some very trying moments in recent hours, the truth that shines through is that democracy and constitutional rule endures even the harshest most cynical provocations. The hour has come for the commercial media - in Venezuela and among U.S. and English language correspondents who have been feeding a false picture of events there - to grow up and cease the dishonest reports that get proved wrong again and again and again, and again today. From somewhere in a country called New York City, Al Giordano Publisher The Narco News Bulletin -------------------------------------

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