Venezuela:Alfredo Peña's Little Army (Αγγλικά)


November 20, 2002 - Please Distribute Widely Dear Colleagues, Over the past few days, AP, Reuters and other simulators of international public opinion have produced a number of articles that comment on theVenezuelan National Guard’s “takeover” of the Caracas Metropolitan police stations. What’s missing in most of these articles is context. The following article, by Alex Main, provides a little background information on the PM that helps understand why the Venezuelan government decided to have it de-clawed. I met Alex Main last June, while I reported from the Venezuelan capital. A clean-cut young man from the United States, he had recently arrived in Caracas to see, with his own eyes, what was happening. We went, together, to the popular barrio of San Juan and spoke directly with the people. Main has subsequently become an important organizer of international solidarity efforts with Venezuelan democracy, and an honest set of eyes and ears for the rest of us. Read his report at: Imagine, for a moment, that the Washington DC municipal police had repeatedly shot and killed peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, looted radio and TV stations, attempted a coup d'etat and terrorized the population... Would the national government then be justified in taking it away from the rogue forces? That's what's happened in Venezuela, and as Main reports, the common people - the majority, the ones that AP, Reuters and the NY Times never allow to be heard - are cheering that it was long overdue. What the professional simulators have distorted as a repressive act - uniformed guardsmen removing uniformed police chiefs - was in fact a liberation from a serious repression by uniformed rogue police against civilians. The true facts show how knowingly dishonest the commercial US correspondents have been with you, kind readers. If we had an honest media, those simulators would have already have been fired. from somewhere in a country called América, Al Giordano Publisher The Narco News Bulletin Subscribe for free alerts of new reports: --------------------------------------------------

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