Urgent action! Torture in Brazil (by Latuff)

anadimosieusi ap' to http://la.indymedia.org/news/2002/11/22382.php

Torture is in epidemical in Brazil. There are hundreds of records of ill-treatment and extra-judicial executions commited by policemen in police stations and prisons. Check this link for three other cartoons on subject: http://brasil.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=41890&group=webcast Images are copyright-free and you are invited to forward it. Grupo Tortura Nunca Mais is one of Brazilian human rights group which have been denunciating such kind of brutality and now is suffering judicial censorship. In their web site, GTNM exposed torture commited by Roberto Jaureguiber Prel Junior, federal police "delegado" (similar to a sheriff), against two men in 1996. They were arrested by allegations of "disrespect towards authority" and tortured at Superintendência da Polícia Federal in Rio de Janeiro by Junior and other federal agents. Due a lawsuit from Junior, it was ordered that everything about him should to be removed from site. In this same Superintendência, in September 7, 2002 (independence day in Brazil), Antonio Gonçalves de Abreu, kitchen assistant, was tortured and murdered. Please, regarding all these disgusting facts, I beg you all to send protest letters to Brazilian authorities: Governor of Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Mrs. Benedita da Silva. Palacio da Guanabara – Rua Pinheiro Machado, s/n Laranjeiras Governadorrj@gabgovernador.rj.gov.br ax: (21) 2553 6162 Superintendent of Policia Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Marcelo Nogueira Itagiba Av. Rodrigues Alves, nº 1 – 3º andar – Centro – Cep: 20081 250 Tel: (21) 2291 2142 Fax: (21) 2253 3454 Minister of Justice, Dr. Miguel Reale Junior Ministerio da Justiça – Esplanada dos Ministerios Bloco T 4º andar – Cep: 70064 900 Brasília DF gabinetemj@mj.gov.br Secretary of Human Rights, Dr. Paulo Sergio Pinheiro Ministerio da Justica – Esplanada dos Ministerios Bloco T – Cep: 70064 900 – Brasília DF sedh@mj.gov.br Thank you very much!

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