Brazil: It's not a "Favela," it's a Community

Narco News: Then, do you think that a Lula government will improve the situation in Brazil? Paulo: I think there is a grand expectation that he will, and the possibility of an unprecedented improvement… but hopes are raised sky high for this, because Lula comes from the workers, he knows this world and the problems of the worker, so there are enormous opportunities for change. Now, this might or might not happen, but the expectation exists, because the great majority of the Brazilian people is of humble origin and Lula knows what is needed.

It's not a "Favela," it's a Community Life in the Ghettos of Brazil By Luis A. Gómez Narco News Andean Bureau Chief In this world, a favela is a favela... once and always the same... the same in India, Bolivia, Mexico or Brazil. It's a place where the expectations of life, for dignity and justice, have indexes lower than those that can be measured by the intellectual myopia of the World Bank. And here, in the most industrialized city of the continent, with 18 million inhabitants in the metropolitan zone and its urban sprawl, this correspondent invites you on a tour… Let's go first to the 1960s, kind readers, to understand the history. We see a Brazil with a recently installed military dictatorship, it was literally a country in bankruptcy. Look at those men in dark suits and very light skin… they come from the north bringing money, investment and progress… the farms of this country and its wild jungle regions don't produce enough products for the civilized world. But the men in black bring, in their briefcases, the key to paradise… In the opening and closing of an eye, this region of Brazil becomes, like magic, an industrial center: autos, tractors, clothes, tires, sinks, electric appliances, oof… it's impossible to count the dozens of factories that now occupy a country where, not to long beforehand, there were only houses, mansions, some roads and some haciendas nearby. Sao Paulo, once the capital of an American empire, a city with history and culture, will be until 1970 an urban area that was product of an economic miracle as impressive as that of Germany after World War II. And thanks to the gringos dressed in black (almost all of them bankers and industrialists), thanks to military order, the first immigrants begin to arrive here to keep the chimney of production stoked. ...contd. in doc attchd -------------------------------------------------


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