It Takes a Bush to catch a Bush...

Greek banks too: US access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking accounts: the neocons 'Dagobert Duck Dream' comes true...

by Henk Ruyssenaars FPF - April 10 - 2005 - Via an Internet connection anyone in the world can check the outside, inside and blue prints/drawings of nearly all houses in the Netherlands town of Nijmegen.* For professional burglars quite an advantage, because now they can check in advance exactly where to go, and how to get away. However, only the 'not so rich' are thrown to the public lions on the Web, so you won't find the blue prints of the banks for instance. If all the world would know where precisely entrance, corridors, exits and the vaults are, there might be some more robberies is their excuse. Which of course is valid for everybody. But some pigs are more equal than others... Now the city's bewildered inhabitants - via this strange unilateral gesture of the City Council (which salaries they pay) - are robbed of their privacy, and the tax paid 'politruks' are rightfully getting a lot of flak, being under fire to change it. How can your 'Home be your Castle' when anybody - virtually - can walk in and out, without you even knowing it? - It can't! Virtually - to start with - walking in and out of your banking account wherever on earth it may be - is the latest idea in certain circles. The multinational American/Israeli 'Robber Barons' in Washington and on Wall Street have the technique, armed power, no moral qualms, and don't need any blue prints apparently to go for the international bank's Jackpot. In the name of the fake 'War on Terror' - the Jerusalem/New York Times/Post reports in it's Sunday editions, that the Bush administration is developing a plan to give the government access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking records 'in an effort to trace and deter terrorist financing'.* This Newspeak again is absolutely an affront and mind-boggling, in it's simplicity worthy of Karl; not Marx, but the man who does Rove in Liars Land. Last December a sneaky and brief, little noticed provision in the intelligence reform bill passed by the spineless US Congress. It would give the government tools to track leads on specific suspects and to analyze patterns in terrorist financing and other finance crimes, as the officials lamely justified the assaults on privacy and vaults. And concerning money transactions, called 'cross-border electronic transmittals of funds' - apparently the private banks forming the Federal Bank and the US administration want to know exactly where in the world all the loot is hidden. Yours, mine, everybody's. Privacy? The law was against it? Never heard of! It is a wonderful and enormous cache of financial records with all the world's accounts in US neocon hands, but surely for many peoples and states the idea and plan are a nightmares. But Dagobert Bush and the neocon's 'American Dream' has come true - Url.: FED and IRS: Pay up and shut up! The provision in the December 2004 reform bill authorized the Treasury Department - (Greenspan's green ink and paper printing dept.) - to do anything: ''that may be deemed necessary to fight money laundering and terrorist financing''. Meaning: the private bankers from the Fed and their neocon henchmen enforced by the IRS, can empty your account(s) house and pockets at any time they want; just accusing you of something or the other. It can be done by the FBI, the CIA or people working for any other branch of the Gestapo, the secret state police, like Rumsfeld's new SSB. - Nazi F?hrer Adolf Hitler had the first SS. The American 'Patriot' Act, and every day's new laws, stipulate that no evidence is necessary if they accuse you, and that everything is secret. You're not even allowed to softly weep when you are robbed: you might have to answer people asking you 'what is going on', and spill the beans on the Robber Barons, and their hired and armed jackals.* What the big thieves on the 'alto plano' - the higher level of embezzling are doing, was very well written about by James Ridgeway in today's Village Voice in the article* 'Like Manna From Havens': No one has ever been able to figure out exactly how much rich people have managed to sock away in island tax havens, fishy investments, and assorted other tax dodges. But an international group called Tax Justice Network, made up of tax experts and economists, reports, according to The Observer of London, that the rich are stashing a whopping $11.5 trillion in tax havens. These assets normally would provide some $860 billion in annual income. Taxable income on the $11.5 trillion could run as high as $255 billion. "This is one of the defining crises of our times," John Christensen, co-coordinator of the Tax Justice Network and a former economic adviser to the government of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, told The Observer. "One of the most fundamental changes in our society in recent years is how money and the rich have become more mobile. This has resulted in the wealthy becoming less inclined to associate with normal society and feeling no obligation to pay taxes."* US reality and the Gap... As US Congressman Sanders* described it: the gap between the rich and poor in the United States more than doubled from 1979 to 2000. Today, the richest 1 percent have more money to spend after taxes than the bottom 40 percent. Meanwhile, millions of workers have not seen any increase in the minimum wage in years. 3.5 million Americans will experience homelessness this year including 1.35 million children and 500,000 veterans... But, for instance among the huge group of in many ways harmed, let down, angry and maybe hungry veterans from the latest wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there must be quite some well trained and armed people, who maybe have a different 'American Dream' now, and might want to do something about the nightmare. Somebody who knows what 'Dagobert' stands for, but is no 'lame duck' anymore? Isn't that dangerous? Henk Ruyssenaars Footnotes: * Village Voice - Mondo washington - James Ridgeway - - Url.: * On the screaming poverty in the United States - the member of the Financial Services Committee, Congressman Bernie Sanders - Url.: * CIA JACKALS & WORLD BANK WOLFOWITZ - Url.: * Corporate assassins - Make Them Accountable - Url.: * US government's information service Reuters/NYTimes - Url.: * Blue prints/building drawings example in Dutch city - Url.: * The bigger the crooks the less they pay taxes - Url.: FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars The Netherlands The Dutch author this far has worked abroad 4 decades for international media as a fully independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism ! - At present 'Persona non Grata' in Holland :-) because: He who travels far will often see things Far removed from what he believed was the Truth. When he talks about it in the fields at home, He is often accused of lying, For the obdurate people will not believe Inexperience, I believe, Will give little credence to my song. 'Journey to the East' - Hermann Hesse 'The war in Iraq is illegal' says United Nation's Secretary General Kofi Annan - Url.: A 55' seconds 'sound bite' concerning the US-Israeli 'Dogs of War' - 'bringing democracy' everywhere. Url.: In the United States one already has seen the neocon administration's fascism in the streets of Los Angeles: armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest, in a dark glimpse of the future - Url.: Neocon proverb: "We misused your taxmoney so you paid to get killed, and for your funeral, you will also be billed.'' Colin Powell: 'It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel' Said as 'US Secretary of State' in a speech at the 'Conference on Anti-Semitism of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe' German Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Berlin - April 28th - 2004 - Url.: Former PM 'Wim Kok' and other Dutch Govt's Warcriminals in Court - Url.: Sued: Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Over U.S. Torture Policies - Url.: It can and must be done! Help the troops come home! Url.: - We need them badly to fight our so called 'governments' - Url.: HR  **COPYRIGHT NOTICE** In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information". -0-

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