Foreign Press Foundation's Poetry Prize

Poetry and Essay Prize awarded to Greek boy: He had seven continents to visit and seven different gifts to give...

The global Foreign Press Foundation of foreign correspondents has decided to award: THE INTERNATIONAL ESSAY AND POETRY PRIZE to an 11 year old boy from Greece who wants to remain an 'Anonymous'. The from Chalkida to the FPF send wining essay eloquently shows how the young author dares to be different from the others: it's published verbatim here and on the Internet: THE CHILD AND THE SEVEN GIFTS Oh, little boy on your white horse, where do you come from? I come from Sirius, the most brilliant star of the sky. Where are you going? I'm traveling around the world because I have a mission to accomplish. A great mission! While the boy stood there under the bright sky, a white light appeared and a sword fell in front of him. A beautiful sword with shining diamonds and precious gems. It was his secret power for the mission... He had seven continents to visit and seven different gifts to give... One for Africa... Water and Food. One for Europe... Unity and Brotherhood. One for Asia... Protection from Natural Disasters. One for North America... Peace and Love. One for South America... Prosperity. One for Oceania and Australia... Respect for Nature. One for Antarctica... Keep Cold! Holding the sword in his hands, the lonely traveler leaped on his horse and galloped away... The sword brightened his way... His mission had just begun... By 'Anonymous' in Greece - 2005 Thanking parents and friends: For the Foreign Press Foundation Prize Commission Senior Chief Editor H. Ruyssenaars Internet - Email: FPF@Chello.NL -0-

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