Pope buried in the dung heap of civilization!

Nobody protested at the unprecedented gathering of criminal world leaders?

by Henk Ruyssenaars FPF - April 9 - 2005 - Together with the fundamentalist Pope of the Catholics, civilization and morals were buried too. At least, and by last counting, four so called Kings and five 'Queens' were present at the funeral of the Pope and what's called 'Civilization'. Human dignity was buried in the Roman grave in the company of at least 70 presidents - like Bush - and an array of war criminal* prime ministers like 'Tony the Traitor' Blair, Mussolini disciple Berlusconi (It) and the Dutch Pharisee and US bootlicker, the 'christian' right wing PM Balkenende (Nl). Present too were more than 14 leaders of different religions and at least a couple of millions brainwashed faithful followers of God's Salesman on Earth. At the service were thus all the criminal heads of governments whose hostile exchanges and atrocities have long dominated the headlines: the US and Israel with their Holocaust of the Palestinians, Syria, Zimbabwe and Britain, among others. But the Law of Silence* reigned among all ignorants and moral cowards united. In no official speech or comment it was spoken about the slaughterhouses in Afghanistan or Iraq. Where young people of many nationalities are sacrificed on the altar of the american/israeli economy, mendacity and greed. Mammon kills to reign. But in Rome, among the notables, apparently NONE of all those pompous and righteous - mostly catholic so called 'christians' - felt the need or urge to stand up and accuse any of the present war criminals of any or all of the atrocities committed in their name and for their profit? And how is it possible that nobody of the 2 million+ sheeple raised her or his voice loud enough to be heard; in a protest against all the crimes against humanity, daily perpetrated by the criminals seated there in front of their eyes in the Vatican, the heart of the Catholic Church? Christians, it is said by themselves: ''are called to stimulate the growth of truth and righteousness - to increase the production of goodness in the world. The church, the body of Christ, is the salt - the dung heap, the compost pile, the manure that must find its way into and fertilize the barren soil of lonely, hopeless souls.'' I've seen the effect of the Pope's ban on contraceptives for instance, while in Latin America and later on working for ten years in Africa, where the Vatican's catholic church too creates millions of 'hopeless souls': the babies and others dying of AIDS* and hunger. Among the crowd of those cowardly and lame ducks in Rome, South Africa was represented by Deputy President Jacob Zuma. And NO, no way he blamed anybody for anything: the ravages in the own population were forgotten; he was there "in recognition of the role of the Holy Father in the pursuit of world peace, justice and moral renewal", his spokeswoman said. It was a shameful fiasco for what we call 'civilisation', and contrary to what the spokeswoman said: they were burying peace, justice and every form of moral and human dignity by not protesting the genocides which are going on. Papal genocide by AIDS or the American/Israeli genocides in their global war of terror for profit. When looking at this enormous and completely ridiculous failure of humanity in Rome, the heart of many a well thinking human being must cringe. It reminded of the German bishops and priesthood, all the time blessing soldiers, tanks, guns and even the horses that went to the East Front, but never blessing the 20 million killed Russians for instance. On Adolf Hiler's Nazi SS military belts it said: "Gott mit Uns", meaning 'God is on our side'. [Pictures - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/6ae5s] George Bush, now using the feared and secret SS-B*, says that 'the Lord has chosen him' and 'God's on our side' too. The scandalised and therefore meek american clergy explains it with the Holy Bible at hand: "Christ is the "chosen" of God (Isa. 42:1); and the apostles are "chosen" for their work (Acts 10:41). It is said with regard to those who do not profit by their opportunities that "many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt. 20:16). And in Rome one could see the same happening again: the american/israeli Huns with their guns were all there, their hands dripping with the blood of their innocent victims, the illegal and bloody wars raging behind their Armani clad backs; 'christian' criminals covered by bodyguards and other hired killers hiding behind their dark Ray Ban sunglasses. And all the world's 'God loving' clergy and people forgot their conscience and practiced the 'Silence of the Lambs'. What was shown in Rome again by many present, is what former San Francisco mayor Art Agnos has identified as a social/cultural malady, which he described as 'compassion fatigue.' According to him this is an eroded state of the mind and heart, born of the chronic misery that is all around us. Especially one may say, since the neocons putsched their way into the White Haus, with their lawless global actions creating a seemingly bottomless pit of human misery, needs and trouble. And in Rome all hypocritical collaborators, the clergy and mass murderers wined, dined, swined and departed. Protests have not been heard or have been silenced; drowned in the 'mainstream' of 'their' media. Even Indymedia in Rome has nothing special to report. it too reminds me of a dutch school friend of mine who returned after two years of studying to become a priest, in Rome. He got out of the catholic church faster than quick, saying: "If you want to see the dunghill of Catholicism, go to Rome!" Somebody who saw it all forty years ago was Tom Lehrer, whom I already for decades look upon as an old friend. He was actually in the army, and has worked for the NSA after graduating from Harvard, but became world famous for his songs. Clairvoyant as he is, he came in 1965 with a song foreboding the inhuman symbiosis between the Power and the Vatican. Lehrer wrote his song The Vatican Rag* about this, as if confirming the fact: Quote: Do whatever steps you want if You have cleared them with the Pontiff Everybody say his own kyrie eleison Doin' the Vatican Rag "Get in line in that processional Step into that small confessional There, the guy who's got religion'll Tell you if your sin's original If it is, try playin' it safer Drink the wine and chew the wafer Two, four, six, eight Time to transubstantiate" 'Transubstantiate' also in Rome apparently means mentally being transformed. Not only transforming dollars into Euros as many do. But, what's officially the Vatican's excuse for not taking all war criminals to jail and court? It is said there is a 1929 treaty between Italy and the Vatican City, under which Rome allows visiting dignitaries to use its territory to call on the Vatican which does not have an airport; this treaty preventing Italy from acting against criminals attending the funeral. As if international law is buried too! By not protesting the war crimes with one word even, in whatever language, all those present, clergy or laymen, are 'guilty by association'. Demonstrating that their morals and minds belong on a dung heap too. Henk Ruyssenaars LINKS/FOOTNOTES: US Secret Police Forces (SSB) Url.: http://tinyurl.com/5rxzd FPF - Man made AIDS? - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/6xmjg John Pilger - Reject the Law of Silence - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/5va8p Hitler's Pope,  The Secret History of Pius XII,  by John Cornwell - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/6ed2c Tom Lehrer - 'Vatican Rag' - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/634ld FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION http://tinyurl.com/3tro9 Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars http://tinyurl.com/66dmo The Netherlands FPF@Chello.nl The Dutch author this far has worked abroad 4 decades for international media as a fully independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism ! - At present 'Persona non Grata' in Holland :-) because: He who travels far will often see things Far removed from what he believed was the Truth. When he talks about it in the fields at home, He is often accused of lying, For the obdurate people will not believe Inexperience, I believe, Will give little credence to my song. 'Journey to the East' - Hermann Hesse 'The war in Iraq is illegal' says United Nation's Secretary General Kofi Annan - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/5pl2v A 55' seconds 'sound bite' concerning the US-Israeli 'Dogs of War' - 'bringing democracy' everywhere. Url.: http://tinyurl.com/5u98v Neocon proverb: "We misused your taxmoney so you paid to get killed. And for your funeral, you'll also be billed.'' Colin Powell: 'It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel' Said as 'US Secretary of State' in a speech at the 'Conference on Anti-Semitism of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe' German Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Berlin - April 28th - 2004 - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/22p6c Former PM 'Wim Kok' and other Dutch Govt's Warcriminals in Court - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/662pp Sued: Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Over U.S. Torture Policies - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/3tgo3 It can and must be done! Help the troops come home! Url.: http://www.bringemhome.org - We need them badly to fight our so called 'governments' - Url.: http://www.bringthemhomenow.org/ HR  **COPYRIGHT NOTICE** In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information". - Url.: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml -0-


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