Russian school protesters picket Saeima building in Riga

με αγωνιστικό τρόπο οι Ρωσόφωνοι της Λετονίας διεκδικούν τα αυτονόητα στην εκπαίδευση τους, δικαιώματα που μέχρι τώρα η εθνικιστικη κυβέρνηση αγνοεί (παρά την εισοδο της στην ΕΕ και την σχετική υποχρέωση της βάσει της κοινωτικης οδηγίας)

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Russian school protesters to picket Saeima building in Riga 10.02.2005, 06.34 RIGA, February 10 (Itar-Tass) - A new protest action in defence of Russian schools is to take place outside the Saeima (parliament) building here on Thursday morning when Saeima members will be examining a proposal made by the left-wing opposition to introduce amendments to the Education Law to allow Russian schools themselves to choose language of instruction. Five thousand signatures collected among Russian schools' pupils in support of the amendments will be handed over to members of the ruling majority. A reform of secondary schools with Russian as language of instruction was launched in Latvia on September 1, last year. The purpose of the reform is to switch more than 60 percent of instruction in Forms 10 to 12 over to the Lettish language. Opponents of the reform describe it as undemocratic and maintain that it would result in a decline in the quality of education in Russian schools. As a result, the country has been periodically swept by waves of mass protest actions for two years now. About 500 teenagers are to participate in Thursday's protest action.


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