G8, Scotland: "Cops ready for G8 rebels"

Σημερινό άρθρο της Sunday Post με τίτλο "Cops ready for G8 rebels"

Just read this article in the Sunday Post/ Oct 31 2004, titled 'Cops ready for G8 rebels', '700 riot police train at hospital, by Euan Duguid. The hospital is called the Law and it is in Lanarkshire near Wishaw and Carluke. =============================================== 'Riot police are to train for the G8 summit at a disused Lanarkshire hospital. The Sunday Post understands over 700 police officers are in specialist training at Law Hospital and more may be called upon for the massive security operation at Gleneagles. Dozens of groups are said to be preparing stunts to bring disruption at the summit. Tayside Police who are co-ordinating security have warned that the "full force of the law" will be used against those who try to disrupt proceedings. A security source explained, " The course to train more than 700 officers in dealing with flashpoint situations has started. The extra riot cops will act to reinforce the existing officers trained to deal with public disorder. A large section of Law hospital grounds have been taken over for the training course. Officers are being trained in how to apprehend violent protesters and how to contain unruly groups. Other officers form mock up protest gangs so the training is realistic. It's expected that trainees will also learn how to deal with petrol bomb attacks." A spokesman for Tayside Police confirmed that public order training is ongoing at Law but declined to comment on the number of officers involved. She said, " All eight Scottish forces and the British Transport Police are working to ensure officers are trained and ready for the challenge of what will be a major security operation." Tayside Police Chief Superintendent Brian Powrie said, " We've been planning for a year now, looking at all the contingencies to make sure we have a fully equiped, highly trained, flexible resource to police both the summit and any other events related to it. The aim is to provide a measured response response and deal appropriately with situation as required." =========================================

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