more on the alternative antiauthoritarian Beyond ESF activists that invaded the ESF

Britain, London, Indymedia: more on the alternative antiauthoritarian Beyond ESF activists that invaded the ESF - banners on the invaded stage

at 6.45 this evening (16/10), activists from autonomous centres organised an invasion of the main hall at alexandra palace to bring attention to the exclusive nature of the london esf compared to other european esfs in the past, and to report the police intimidation of activists at autonomous centres this weekend. around 150 activists succesfully stormed the palace, took the stage, put up banners, and held a rapt audience for half an hour with various speakers at the microphone. security looked on hopelessly, while speakers explained in several languages (and with the help of volunteer translators) the reasons for their invasion. they reported that while ken livingstone supports the esf, the various autonomous centres and squats around london have been victim to continual police harrassment, and any large groups of people have been prevented from leaving centres at once. another speaker pointed out that ken livingstone is a card-carrying member of the labour party, the party that took us to war for oil! the speakers were generally well-received and the full hall cheered. another speaker told of how some activists had even been refused entry to the country from other european countries, thus excluded totally from both the esf and the autonomous meetings. after nearly half an hour, the activists asked everyone to join them in solidarity leaving the building, and left as one group chanting 'solidarity' while some delegates followed. the peaceful invasion was a success and brought the issues of the way this london esf has been hijacked to the fore. once outside, the group began a reclaim the streets march, and true to form, the police responded violently. two witnesses told me that police had beaten activists and some had been arrested. around a hundred activists continued their march down the park towards 'beyond esf' followed by several police

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