El Libertario / Venezuela: 9 years, 40 editions

* The Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela is happy to announce the upcoming (early November) release of issue # 40 of our publication El Libertario, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the CRA and our newspaper.

To celebrate this event we're working hard to ensure that this anniversary edition include texts representative of the best actions, thinking and writing happening within the anarchist movement, particularly in Latin America. The response of people and groups whose written collaboration we have solicited has been very positive, so we trust that towards October 20 - our deadline for the receipt of articles - we will have the required material for a larger edition (20 pages instead of the usual 16) and a larger publication (3000 issues). Also, we hope to accompany 300 issues with a cassette with music by rock bands Doña Maldad (from Maracaibo) and Marcel Duchamp (from Santiago de Chile) who have recorded it especially for this ocassion. If anybody wants to send additional written contributions, we'll be glad to receive them and we'll do our best to include them in this or later editions of El Libertario. We extend our most cordial invitation to those who would like to join our distribution network. Those interested, please let us know via e-mail as soon as possible. We likewise find very useful whatever comments about the newspaper you would like to send, since we want to know how our work is truly judged in the Venezuelan and the international anarchist community, with a view to improving our future work. We also want to make another happy announcement: by the time the anniversary issue hits the streets the Centro de Estudios Sociales Libertarios (CESL) in Caracas will be open and functioning. We have finalized the rental of our local which we will be refurbishing in the next few days to enable us to serve those who want to consult the CESL library by the beginning of November. No doubt the opening of this space for libertarian action and thought is the tangible result of the effort we have been making, but it is also a challenge for the future that we at the CRA assume with enthusiasm and hope. We count on your continuous stimulus and support and solidarity as we face this and other challenges. For more information, see our continually updated El Libertario website -which includes a large section in English- or write to our e-mail address (preferably in spanish).

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