VLAD the BAD...???

NOW THEY'RE AFTER PUTIN The hypocrites of the "democratic" West set their sights on Russia by Justin Raimondo http://www.antiwar.com/justin/j121003.html

τα γεγονότα στο Beslan είναι απλά η εκδίκηση των μεγιστάνων του πετρελαίου στην 'εθνικοποίηση" της Yokos? -------------------------- The real complaint of Putin's Western critics is that the Russian parties favored by Washington and its Euro-weenie satellites – Yabloko and the Union of Right Forces – failed to get the 5 percent required to garner seats in the Duma. The election was "free but not fair" – because they didn't like the results. Such a self-serving application of "international standards" is hardly surprising, however, coming from the same people who, when they hold an election that doesn't yield the right results, simply hold another one. And for this White House – which holds power due solely to the vagaries of a Supreme Court decision – to complain about Russia's lack of "democracy" has the administration's credibility hanging by a chad. Since a key indicator of democratic government is ballot access, and diversity of parties, let's compare the Russian method of party registration with the American system. In Russia, as of the beginning of this year, 29 parties had qualified for ballot status in national elections by verifying at least 10,000 members in at least 45 regions. In the U.S., the rules for ballot status differ from state to state – even, in some cases, from county to county – and the burden of a new party getting on the ballot in all 50 states is so onerous that very few have managed it. When it comes to this basic question of who gets on the ballot, the Russians have the Americans beat hands down. The charges against Putin and the new, post-Soviet Russia are, in short, malarkey – so what's the real deal behind this concert of "concern" by Western governments and their media amen corner? The philosopher-kings of the movement for global "democracy" have been gunning for Vlad the Bad ever since he broke up the media monopoly of the Russian oligarchs. But they really went ballistic went he began to arrest some of these oligarchs for stealing, lying, and trying to buy off the Duma from looking too closely into the highly dubious means by which they acquired their great wealth.

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