Venezuela, EL LIBERTARIO #37 Editorial; april-may 2004

Keimena sta agglika: kai sta ispanika: gia tin katastasi sti Venezouela

We are not surprised at all by the decline of the current managers of the Venezuelan State. Just like the AD and COPEI parties who ruled the country the previous four decades, and the intentions of those who currently aspire to do so ("Primero Justicia", "Proyecto Venezuela", etc), the Chavist State only follows the state's supreme law: its own self-preservation, at any price. This goal justifies, as chavists learned from their puntofijist predecessors, lying, blackmailing, labour coercion, phone-tapping, jailing and torturing. This State, just like the previous ones and the ones that will follow, restricts the freedom of the individual, stifles her development, allows for unjust appropiation, distorts the human personality and erodes the natural predisposition towards solidarity, and relies upon the perpetual threat of violence towards its subjects. There was a wide awareness about the evils of party clientelism, but it was capitalized by a new party, the Polo Patriotico, which put Chavez in office. One bureaucracy was overthrown, one government toppled, but the ways of thinking that created them went unchallenged. So they produced a clone of the old, a new elite who repeats, and even exceeds, the vices it claimed to be rebelling against. Some people claim that the current bureaucracy is the lesser evil, because of the so-called social missions. No government can last for too long without hiding its true nature -the monopoly and expoliation of social functions- under the masquerade of looking for the welfare of all; it can't protect the privileged without pretending to protect the unprivileged too. In most Latin American countries, governments survive by having a wide clientelist support base. We anarchists deny that good-willed individuals in charge are necessary to change the state of things. The corrupting influence of Power denies that possibility. Bakunin, one of many libertarian thinkers, said: "Such has been the history of political power since the very beginnings of the world". This also explains how and why, democratic and rebellious individuals of the reddest variety (while they lived among the governed masses) became extremely conservative then they got in charge themselves. Those setbacks are usually attributed to treason. But that is a mistake; the chief cause is the change in position and perspective. The problem, therefore, is government itself. Those who used to denounce corruption, Human Rights violations and excesses of all kinds, today, when they are in charge, justify anything, are only rehearsing the script written for the rulers. Their rule repeats, under different slogans and party colors, what was predicted a century before by the russian anti-authoritarian movement: "A government that doesn't abuse its power, and doesn't oppress, and acts honestly and impartially, [emphasizing] the interests... of its constituency, such a government is akin to the cuadrature of the circle, an unreachable ideal, because it opposes human nature. The nature of every human being is such that, when given power over others, he will oppress them; once set in an exceptional position, and excluded from human equality, any individual will become a scoundrel". Let's not waste our hopes in the guardians of power, neither the current ones or those who are waiting in line to replace them; all of them, without exception, seek only to satisfy their lust for power, get drunk in feuds and entrench themselves in their positions. To deepen society's autonomous, horizontal networks, to support radical cultural change and to create, here and now, mechanisms and ways of life that approach the society we want, are some of the alternatives. A new world is not only possible; also, to avoid the evils that Power brings about, this new world is needed soon.

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