Free radio during PGA conference in Holland

During the European PGA (Peoples Global Action) conference in Leiden, Holland, which starts next Saturday, there will be a free radio station named "People's Global Radio" broadcasting in the air on 97.4FM and on the internet.

From Friday 30th of August until Wednesday 4th of September, you can listen to interviews, live discussion, reports from conference workshops, news bulletins and practical information on the conference. Programs will be mostly in English. Now and then we will pick up the stream from Diversity Radio/Johannesburg Radio. Broadcast hours of Peoples' Global Radio are from 18:00 until 24:00 GMT+2. You can listen to a live radio stream on the website The stream link will be We call on free radio stations everywhere to re-broadcast the stream or parts of it. Interesting sections of the broadcasts will be archived on the above website as MP3's. Jingles of People's Global Radio are available on the above website. Contact information for People's Global Radio: mail: telephone during conference: 0031 (0) 71522 032 or: PO Box 2228, 2301 CE, Leiden, Holland. website PGA conference:

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