With this call we confirm to the groups and individuals participating such matters as: the program, confirmed presences, accomodation & housing, social movements related events, etc. a.. CALENDAR, PLACE, PROGRAM, SCHEDULED SPEAKERS: 1st to 5th February 2002, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. PLACE: SINDIΑGUA (Travessa Leonardo Truda, n.Ί 40, sala 154, Bairro Centro) PROGRAM: 1st Feb - OPENING with the Gaϊcha Anarchist Federation, saluting the delegations presentation and theatre. 2nd Feb - LITERATURE EXHIBITION Anarchy and Organisation - Coletivo Luta Libertαria from SP Bakuninism - Coletivo Luta Libertαria from SP Power and Domination - An Anarchist Vision - Fαbio Lσpez Lσpez - RJ 3rd Feb - THE LIBERTARIAN PROJECT FACING THE WORLD DOMINATION STRUCTURES The experience left from socialism - Laboratσrio de Estudos Libertαrios- RJ Thoughts on a Libertarian Project in this context - Federaciσn Anarquista Uruguaya Terror strategies in a world in crisis, Alexandre Medeiros - RS 4th Feb - PRACTICAL RESISTANCE TO CAPITALIST GLOBALIZATION "Antiglobalisation Movements & Anticapitalist Struggle" Apoyo Mutuo - Spain "Latin America: expressions from a Fighting People" with the Libertarian Socialist Organization from Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Santa Cruz de La Sierra Libertarian Collective, Bolνvia. 5th Feb - BRAZIL: FIGHTING EXPERIENCES AND PEOPLE'S ORGANISATION, with: Gaϊcha Anarchist Federation - Rio Grande do Sul Libertarian Studies Laboratory - Rio de Janeiro Libertarian Struggle - Sγo Paulo CLOSING SESSION: International Declaration from the Anarchist Meeting Popular Music Live Performance #SUPPORT DECLARATIONS We ask all the organisations, collectives and groups coming to the Meeting, to bring written statements to be read at the opening session (short texts, please!). Organisations not coming can also send their support declarations which will be read by FAG. # TRANSLATION We have some people who can speak more or less good English, to make the exchanges easier, but as stated from the begining the sessions will be in Portuguese and Spanish. We found no way of translating to English whole lectures and debates. If someone has any suggestions we would be grateful. LOCATION SINDIΑGUA (UNION): Travessa Leonardo Truda, 40, sala 154. How to come from the Rodoviαria: on foot, it's near, going down the "rodoviαria" (road) you just have to take Avenida Mauα (Mauα Avenue) and go on the right-hand side, walk a few blocks, and turn right into Leonardo Truda street. It's a narrow street (lane). ANY TROUBLE, CALL: 91628510, speak with Eduardo (we won't accept collect calls) WHERE FAG CAN BE REACHED: a.. In the Youth Camp, without identification b.. In Catholic University(PUC) were the WSF is being help, with a well identified propaganda and bookselling stall c.. In the morning, in SINDIΑGUA, Leonardo Truda, central Porto Alegre. d.. In FAG headquarters. HOUSING All places at FAG headquarters are already occupied. It is still possible to book into the Youth Camp, by internet (until 15/01), posting to their site: http://www.juventudefsm.org . Bookings must be individual. FAG will have a big tent in the camp. SOCIAL MOVEMENTS PARALLEL EVENTS MEETING FOR THE "UNIVERSIDADE POPULAR" LOCATION: Rua dos Andradas, 959, Center Duration: 14 hours PROGRAM: 1st February - Group presentations Theme: University 1. University role as seen by social movements (we will invite the different social movements present to present to us their vision on university, on its contribution to their struggles); 2. Analysing: 2.1. What is, among others, the IMF/WB saying about the university in Latin America? 2.2. ALCA/FTAA: what is the relationship between this agreement and education in Latin America? 3. Proposal for a "Universidade Popular" (People's University) 2nd February - Theme: Student Movement and the Reaching of Society 1. Similarities and Differences 2. Proposals 3rd February -Principles and Aims 1. Discussion of the principles pointed out in the Campinas meeting(ENU) by the people from Rio, as well as the aims listed by the people from Parα. We think, about this point that discussion can be achieved in smaller groups, with regional plenums, which will think and articulate coordinated activities, from the common aspects of the groups and their conditions. 4th February - 1. orientation, agenda, etc. An this point, we will make the proposal for the creation of discussion spaces with defined periodicity and an organizing commitee. At these meetings - at state, regional or national level -, the students and the social movements could discuss subjects related to people's university, to program joint activities, with the aim of bringing the social movements to fight for a people's university. After all, if we say that the public university is elitist, we cannot expect that this same elite will fight for a public university on the exploited classes side. Even less can we hope that in isolation, without joint struggles with other movements we are able to achieve a people's university. We will submit this proposal to the meeting. IMC International Meeting-30/01, from 16:00 p.m on, in Youth Camp. Meeting Point: CMI tent in the Youth Camp Contact: Leonardo (99189066) OFFICIAL DEMOS Opening Demo from WSF, the 31/01 Demo against FTAA, organised by WSF Youth the 04/02 (we had no details on time tables and itinerary but such demos don't have usually direct action character) PARALLEL DEMOS Anti-capitalist demo, organised by PGA the 31/01; meeting point in the Youth Camp at 12.00 am. CONFIRMED PRESENCES BRAZIL: Sγo Paulo "Luta Libertαria" Collective, Rio de Janeiro Libertarian Studies Lab, Dri - Minas Gerais Geography student, Rodrigo - Rio de Janeiro, LB Luta from Santa Catarina, Latin-American Organization (Pelotas, Sγo Paulo and Mato Grosso). LATIN AMERICA: OSL Buenos Aires - Argentina, Libertarian Collective from Sta Cruz de la Sierra - Bolνvia, the Anarchist Group "Libertad" - Argentina, Uruguay Anarchist Federation- Uruguay, "Acracia" - Uruguay. INTERNATIONAL: Apoyo Mutuo - Spain, OSL - Swisserland, Jeff - France, NEFAC - USA and Canada, SAC - Sweeden, Jason Adams - USA, Martine - France, Jesus - Canaries Islands Samantha - USA. WE ARE WAITING FOR THE CONFIRMATION OF MORE PEOPLE!

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