Indian Diplomacy is troubling Greeks

Mr. Kumar, at the Embassy of India here in Athens, says since he feels treated badly in Greece, Greek people should not expect to be treated any better by this 'diplomat'. Indian Diplomacy ?

FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION - THE NETHERLANDS To: Embassy of India - 3 Kleanthous Street, 10674 Athens, Greece. Att.: Mr. Kumar c.s. - Fax + Email: c.c. Mr. K. Natwar Singh External Affairs Minister - Ministry of Tourism-India - AirIndia- Bcc: Netherlands Embassy of India - Buitenrustweg-2, 2517 KD, The Hague, the Netherlands. Email: - Web  : Conc.: Complaint about the Indian diplomatic representation in Athens - Greece Mr. KUMAR & TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (1st letter below) Sir, it is with regret we again have to contact you and the people mentioned above, concerning your behaviour, which to all involved seems to be doing disservice to your country, India. If your problem with Greece and the Greeks is racial, you should take it to the appropriate authorities, and not take revenge on Greek people who like your country - and wanted to go there again. We regret to inform you that from the original 30 travellers from Greece to India, after your negative reaction only three are left. One of the three is the wife of the Dutch FPF-correspondent in Greece, whom you should treat with some respect, I would like to suggest. May we ask for your cooperation anyhow, and hope you will contact our correspondent Mr. Antony Bruyns-Slot - Greece - a.s.a. possible, to make an appointment for the visa ? Once again: we regret the way things are going, but hope you'll change your behaviour for the better. Thanking you in advance, for your - also for India - benevolent service to come, we meanwhile remain, Henk Ruyssenaars The Dutch author worked for 4 decades for international media as foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars The Netherlands COPY OF THE FIRST EMAIL SEND TO MR KUMAR: Dear mr. Kumar ! We regret to inform you, that the correspondent of the Foreign Press Foundation in Greece, Mr. Antony Bruyns-Slot, while asking for help about a group's visa applications to travel to India, this morning during a telephone conversation was treated in a way which is not in accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Ministry for External Affairs: Quote: "On selection to the Indian Foreign Service through the combined Civil Services examination, the new entrants undergo a multi-faceted and comprehensive training programme intended to give them a thorough grounding in diplomatic knowledge, diplomatic qualities and diplomatic skills." [ end quote - ] According to our information, mr. Kumar, you indicated "that since the Greeks treated you not very well, you see no reason to help any Greek people either"? And then you just slam the phone, to end the conversation ? We don't think, that that is what you have been taught at the Foreign Office, and regret some of the remarks made by you. May we suggest however that you try to come to terms with our correspondent - and facilitate this group that knows India and therefore wants to spend time and money there again ? Because they still like India ? We would like to assure you, that this far no publicity has been given to this case to International - or India's - media. Thanking you in advance, for your expected service, we meanwhile remain, Henk Ruyssenaars FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars The Netherlands The Dutch author worked for 4 decades for international media as foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East.

από Athens imc user 20/07/2004 11:06 πμ.

We have no idea about this affair. What exactly were Mr. Kumar's complaints against Greeks? In what ways did they treat him badly?

από FPF - HR 20/07/2004 11:54 πμ.

Why not ask the victims ? Phone Evia - 022210-92900 and ask for Mr. Antony Bruyns-Slot or his greek wife Maria ? What a pity, isn't it ? Henk Ruyssenaars Holland

από Foreign Press Foundation 29/07/2004 2:16 μμ.

Conc. the complaint above, mr. Kumar and the visa:: The FPF is pleased to announce that apparently Mr. Kumar - the consul at the Emabassy of India in Greece, has seen the light. The problem with the visas for a group of Greek people - who wanted to vacation in India again - has been solved. It is a pity however - that of the group which originally counted up to thirty people, only one person finally was left. The [Dutch] correspondent of the Foreign Press Foundation in Greece - Mr. Anthony Bruyns-Slot - again was treated cordially, and so was his wife Maria. The responses from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Tourism, Air India etc. in India have been heartwarming for the people who like India. The FPF regrets that the situation requiered some publicity, but expects no further negative effects of mr. Kumar's behaviour which now has been corrected. respectfully, Henk Ruyssenaars - Editor Foreign Press Foundation The Netherlands

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