Date: March 22, 2004 Statement: 325 ISRAEL’S TERROR WILL BE DEFEATED! The responsibility for this massacre lies with those who collaborate with the USA and Israel The terrorism of Israel has killed the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Yassin.

The murder of Sheikh Yassin is an absolutely terrorist act, which is neither compatible with the "International Law" that is mentioned so many times by the imperialists and their collaborators, nor with any standard of justice. This massacre means the collapse of bourgeois law, the "International Law" which was formed by imperialism, and of justice. The world is a witness of this ruin. If one can speak of a war without rules and principles, then it is the one by the imperialists and their collaborators which they wage against the people. The world has witnessed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel, how universal standards of law and justice are trampled under foot. After the recent bloodshed by Israel, imperialism and its collaborators aren’t able to talk about law and humanity, they cant’t accuse anybody of terrorism. That’s what terror looks like. All human values are trampled underfoot. And all the capitalists in the world behave like this. Israel has committed such crimes for many years. Dozens of Palestinian leaders were killed by the same methods. The whole world could see how thousands of Palestinians were brutally murdered in besieged refugee camps. Up to today there have been no objections by the capitalist world (neither of Europe nor America) against these massacres. It won’t be different with the murder of Sheikh Yassin. There won’t be any imperialist and collaborator in any country who will call the Israeli embassy to protest and condemn it. Those who have kept up economic, military and political relations with Israel for years despite its terrorism, are only sending out the message: "Go on like this, we’re with you". Israel actually continues its massacres with the full support of the USA. The reckless occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, against the resistance of the people and the "International Law" which was signed by all countries, has encouraged the Zionist murderers. They have passed all measure in their massacre and contra-guerrilla policies. The responsibility for this massacre lies with all those who collaborate with America and who politically, economically and military cooperate with Israel. Amongst those there are also the oligarchy and the AKP government in Turkey. The words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul are only an _expression of his hypocrisy; the AKP is a government that criticises Israel with the words "states can’t commit assassination attempts, it’s impossible to fight terrorism in this way", while increasingly strengthening its collaboration with Israel. And this government doesn’t differ too much from the massacre politics of Israel. While Israel carries out its massacres in an open way, the AKP kills and imposes censorship to hide its crimes. The AKP and Israel are on the same side. LET’S ENLARGE THE FRONT OF THE PEOPLE’S STRUGGLE AGAINST THE PRO-AMERICAN FRONT! We are on the side of all those who fight against US imperialism and its collaborators. We are on the side of the entire people, without regard to their religious, national and cultural opinions. This side has the responsibility of intensifying the struggle against imperialism and its collaborators, making it an all-out struggle. Israel should give a reckoning for its massacres before the entire people. Our condolences both to Hamas, whose spiritual leader was killed, and to the Palestinian people. We are confident that the Palestinian people are invincible, no matter how often they are attacked! The Palestinian people will emerge from these attacks much stronger. The anger of Palestine will destroy the Zionists and their collaborators. All of us are Palestinians. DEVRİMCİ HALK KURTULUŞ CEPHESİ (REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE’S LIBERATION FRONT)

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