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We torched a truck of DB Schenker in front of the Nuremberg jail in the night from 15. to 16.10.2021. The company DB Schenker earns its money among other things with the logistics for NATO forces and is responsible for armament transports to the Turkish army:

"DB Schenker, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, manages a large central warehouse for the German armed forces in Kassel-Kaufungen together with its partner company ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH. The Central Federal Warehouse - ZEBEL for short - has a total area of around 17,000 square meters. This hub supplies civilian companies and military maintenance facilities that repair defense systems and vehicles for the Bundeswehr. DB Schenker gives top priority to the transport of war materials. Deutsche Bahn is thus the leading logistics partner for NATO and responsible for transporting war supplies to German troops and their partner, the fascist Turkish regime. Deutsche Bahn thus profits directly from the war against the Kurdish civilian population and the fight against the YPG / YPJ People's Defense Units."

(Quote from people who set fire to four DB vans in Rostock).

In addition, we wanted to vent our anger about the detentions and sentences of our comrades. A short time later, there were more fires in the city.

Free Jan ( Prisoner in Nuremberg in the kontext of gentrification and public space)

Free Dy (see also

Free Jo

Free Lina (in jail since one year for antifa attacks as criminal organisation)

Free Them All

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