Antifascists from Seville (Spain) stand in solidarity with Kalaitzidis and Mataragas

Solidarity statement for G. Kalaitzidis and M.Mataragas written by antifascist comrades from Seville (Spain)

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On the 13th of October in Athens the two anarchist comrades Giorgos Kalaitzidis and Nikos Mataragas, members of Rouvikonas, are going to face a trial for being falsely accused of murdering a drug dealer in Exarchia in 2016. The state authorities, apart from having failed to produce any kind of evidence for that accusation, have been collaborating with the local drug mafia in order to complete a case that leaves no doubt about its being set up by the police.As antifascists, we condemn this attack by the state against not only the two comrades and their organization but also the Greek anarchist movement as a whole.

For many years, Rouvikonas has been living proof of how anarchist ideals can be put into practice through high commitment, organisation, companionship and solidarity. Especially during the recent social crises caused by the pandemic and the wildfires, they and other collectives have made clear that “only the people save the people” is more than a slogan to write on banners: while the state has made no attempt to relieve the situation of those who struggle to feed their families, anarchists and other solidarity groups have lost no time in creating structures to cover the basic needs of hundreds and thousands of people.

When faced with this undeniable evidence of its own failure, the state reacts as usual: applying repression against whom they consider most dangerous to the maintenance of the status quo. As antifascists, we are all too familiar with the system’s strategy of trying to scare away current and potential activists by staging politically motivated trials. However, our determination to build a world of freedom and justice, in Greece, in Spain and everywhere, cannot be restrained by oppression. We want to send a lot of strength and solidarity to Giorgos Kalaitzidis and Nikos Mataragas, to the comrades from Rouvikonas and to all the Greek collectives engaged in their struggle. Nobody alone in the hands of the state! Solidarity will win!

Antifascist comrades from Seville


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