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Mexico - September 23, 2021

7 years after the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, at the hands of the State

Once again the relatives of the 43 missing normalistas (student teachers, NT) win the streets, continue the struggle for the appearance of their children and for justice. They call for the nextc September 26 a march to the Zocalo , in the capital of Mexico.

The heroic fathers, mothers, relatives and comrades of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa gave an enormous example to all the workers and exploited of the continent, fighting from the United States to Argentina to denounce the Mexican State and to support themselves in all the workers and Human Rights organizations in the struggle for the alive appearance of the 43 combative students. THAT IS THE WAY A SINGLE STRUGGLE ACROSS BORDERS!

The 43 students' parents' tireless struggle for justice and against the murderous state is twinned to the thousand exploited that are and disappeared in Colombia, the thousands of immigrants who try to cross the borders escaping from hunger, the relatives of the workers and peasants murdered in Senkata (Bolivia), the relatives of the more than 2500 political prisoners who fight for their unconditional freedom. As the workers and exploited of the United States shouted Black Lives Matter! The lives of the workers fighting for their demands MATTER!

The States and their governments, servants of imperialism, are responsible for so much death and repression. After 7 years, impunity continues in Mexico, with AMLO's Government that continues repressing like previous Governments, as it did with the normalistas of Mactumactzá who were repressed and imprisoned for demanding better conditions to study on May 18; nothing to envy to the murderer of Peña Nieto and his predecessors.We must unite from north to south all the working class and poor people that when we go out to fight for our rights, the Goverments with their police assassinate us, disappear us and imprison us.

Trial and punishment to all the murderers of our martyrs!

Unconditional freedom to all political prisoners for fighting!


Without justice there will be no peace! Appearance alive of the 43!

They were taken alive, we want them alive!

No more repression and harassment of workers and combative students!

Murderous State!

International Network for the Freedom of the Political Prisoners


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