‘They are killing us’: International solidarity campaign with the workers and people of Colombia

Colombian organizations call to a solidarity campaign and online event



For an International Campaign of Solidarity with the youth, the masses and the workers of Colombia, who are fighting in the streets against the criminal dictatorship of Duque-Uribe. The Colombian people shout "They are killing us!".

Human Rights organizations such as the NGO Temblores and the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) report, according to their latest balance sheet released on May 28, 3405 cases of police violence, including 43 killings of civilians at the hands of official agents (27 cases are in the process of verification), 1,445 arbitrary detentions, 47 victims of attacks to their eyes, 22 victims of sexual violence and 175 cases of firearm shootings, all by uniformed officers. These numbers have risen sharply to 75 deaths, and the number of injured continues to grow with each protest.

The police and the ESMAD riot squad shoot at demonstrations, chase and run over, torture and kill those who have come out to fight, as evidenced by the videos circulating on social networks. They try to suffocate the outbreak that has precipitated against the pretensions of the Duque government, puppet of Uribe (the most bloodthirsty in America), responsible for applying in iron and fire the IMF's plans, among them a labor reform that enslaves workers, a pension and tax reform that plunges the people into misery while the big capitalists are exonerated from taxes and receive great benefits and subsidies from the state, while corruption and looting remain in all institutions.

The criminal regime has no scruples. All its institutions are at the service of the dictatorship of capital. The repression that has become more and more systematic and violent with the help of the paramilitaries (under the impulse of sectors of the Democratic Center party and other bourgeois parties) that came out, weapons in hand to kill demonstrators, capture and disappear them in open unity of action with the police.

In an unequal fight, the First Lines heroically defend the people's struggle and confront the repressive apparatus every day in the streets.

We call upon the organizations of workers, students, youth, human rights organizations worldwide, popular organizations, to build a great Continental and worldwide Solidarity Campaign in support to the struggle of the Colombian people and to repudiate the criminal regime of Duque-Uribe.

May our shout "They are Killing Us" transcend all borders! For an international meeting that unites the workers who fight against the impositions of the IMF, against the precarization of labor, against slavery.

For a tribune of solidarity with the workers and peoples who struggle, bringing together the fights of the people from Colombia, Palestine, Syria, Argentina, Chile and the world.

This event will take place in Zoom on Saturday June 26, 2021 at 13:00 hours in Colombia, 15:00 hours in Argentina. We will soon announce the link and the conditions of participation and registration.

Our Dead Matter: for an international solidarity campaign of Mobilization and Struggle.

For an emergency meeting to organize solidarity with the workers and students fighting in Colombia against the criminal regime. We call to join in, spreading statements of support to the construction of the Campaign of Solidarity with the people from Colombia THEY ARE KILLING US.

Viviana for the Human Rights Commission as member of the Social and Popular Union Coordinating Committee.

Carlos Garcia as member of the Social and Popular Union Coordinating Committee 21N Pereira.

Comuneros Resistance Group

First Line of Siloe in Cali

First Line Loma de Cruz in Cali.

MAFAPO Mothers of False Positives

Committee of Solidarity with the workers in conflict Oziel Tapasco

Quintero of Medellin

Commission of Retirees of ADIDA (Association of Educators of Antioquia)


International Network for the Freedom of All Political Prisoners and Justice for Our Martyrs

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