Banner in Strefi - solidarity with Ella

Banner put in Strefi Hill in solidarity with Ella who have been kidnapped and locked away by the German state since november last year.

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Strefi Hill and Danni - two landbased struggles against the rich and their fucked up world.

Danneröder forest (Danni) in central Germany have for the past 30 years been the place where the local people have resisted against the building of a new highway. Since october 2019 this forest was occupied. What started out as a small occupation with a few treehouses slowly grew to a place with over 100 structures where 200 to 400 people lived. This occupied space got evicted by the state minions (2000 cops and a handfull of treekillers) and the stretch of the forest got cut down. During this eviction that lasted two months, many people got detained and sadly a few are still locked away and kidnapped by the state. One of these persons are Ella or UP1. They have refused to identify themself and are locked up since november 26, 2020. The person is accused of attempted manslaughter for kicking a cop in the head while the cop was evicting them from a traverse, a rope put up between two trees.

Strefi is a hill in Exarchia in the center of Athens. Strefi hill is now being sold to a private company as part of the plan to gentrify the rebellious neighborhood of Exarchia. Exarchia have for a very long time been the center of the greek squatting movement. But during the past years the majority of the squats have been evicted. This neighborhood that cops hardly entered before are now a militarised zone with riotcops in several places and with motorcyclecops regularly patrolling the streets. Strefi hill has been a green lung and a spot were people can hang out for the past 30 years. The plan to privatise the hill has made the people of the neighborhood to come together. To deal with the situation they have started a weekly assembly and through this started to reclaim the space.

More info about the struggle and occupation of Danni can be found at

More info about Ella and the others that are kidnapped -

Solidarity with Ella/UP1

Burn the rich and their world

Φώτια στους πλούσιους κ' κόσμο τους


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