ICL-CIT:Supporting suffering textile workers in Bangladesh

ICL-CIT:Supporting suffering textile workers in Bangladesh https://ese.espiv.net/2020/12/03/icl-cit-supporting-suffering-textile-workers-in-bangladesh/

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ICL-CIT:Supporting suffering textile workers in BangladeshAs has been reported, in March 2020 the Dragon Sweater factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh closed down and laid off 6,000 workers, using the CoViD-19 pandemic as a pretext.The owners decided to terminate the workers from one day to the other without severance pay, owed wages and bonus payments.Now the workers have nothing and therefore depend on food supplies.Most of them are organized with the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) and took to the streets for months. ICL made a call for international solidarity together with the workers that saw many actions organised across the globe https://www.icl-cit.org/solidarity-with-dragon-group-workers-spreads-across-the-globe/.A few weeks ago, the owners agreed to pay half of the amount owed to the workers. But in the end they didn’t pay a penny. Around 300 of them still regularly take part in protests, others were forced to look for alternative incomes to get by. GWTUC aims to provide the 300 resisting workers with a daily meal as well as basic medical treatments.For each worker 100 tk (taka) are calculated per day; 100 tk = 1€ (~ 1.17USD). To support all 300 workers around 9,000€ are needed each month.Therefore the Working Group Asia of the International Confederation of Labour (ICL) – in coordination with the GWTUC and support of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Hamburg -has initiated this call for financial solidarity.Support the emancipatory struggle of the garment workers in Dhaka by adding a bit to this campaign. Η ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΚΗ ΣΥΝΔΙΚΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ,συμμετέχει στην Διεθνή Συνομοσπονδία Εργασίας (ICL-CIT) και στηρίζει τον αγώνα των εργατων της εταιρείας Dragon Group στο Μπαγκλαντές. Περισσότερα δειτε ΕΔΩή ΕΔΩ.


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