Mexico - September 26th, 2020 6 years after the disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa,at the hands of the state

Greetings to the parents of the 43 “normalistas” (teaching school students) from Ayotzinapa who were disappeared by the State, from the Commission of Convicted Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras, Argentina

September 25, 2020

Las Heras, Argentinean Patagonia

To the parents of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa

Six years after their disappearance at the hands of the State, we are still shouting together THEY WERE TAKEN ALIVE, WE WANT THEM BACK ALIVE!

Dear comrades, parents of the 43 disappeared young students, it is about to be another year since this horrible act was committed by the Mexican State.

Since that September 26th you have not rested a single day looking for your children, not only in Mexico, but also from the United States to Argentina.

That exemplary action and your tireless struggle, despite having spent six years, must be taken into the hands of all the workers and their organizations.You know that for six years our families have been fighting together. Our struggle against the brutal sentence of life imprisonment by the (in)justice system of the oil companies and the Argentine State is a single struggle to free all the political prisoners in the world, to get justice for our martyrs and against the disappearances that are multiplying in hundreds and thousands around the world.

Today we can only broaden and strengthen this path of unity beyond borders, because those at the top have united to attack us, to unload all their crisis on our shoulders, either leaving us without work or sending us to work, exposing us to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This September 26, we embrace you again from a distance and we will not lower our arms until we together find your 43 children, who are our children and those of the entire world working class.

For the 43 normalistas, for the freedom of all the prisoners, for our absolution and for justice for all our martyrs, we have to call together from the United States to Patagonia and on all five continents for a WORLD DAY OF FURY.


Commission of Convicted Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras

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