In the morning of Monday, August 17th, in Thessaloniki, the squat Terra Incognita was evacuated by the repressive forces of the state. For over 16 years, Terra Incognita has been a meeting place and a melting pot for hundreds of fighters, men and women, thanks to its stable structures, such as a library, a printing house, a gym etc., hosting events, interventions or demonstrations against repression, capitalism, fascism and patriarchy.

A few days later, in the early hours of Saturday, September 5th, the state mechanism chooses to evacuate Rosa Nera squat in Chania (Crete). This attack is not random either, since Rosa Nera in recent years has been the center of investment plans by the administration of the Technical University of Crete, given that the squat is situated on Kastelli hill, one of the most touristic places in the city. For 16 years, Rosa Nera hosted people and events, supported and participated in many struggles, local and non-local, had been a stable spot offering practical solidarity towards immigrants but also the local community thanks to its numerous open structures such as library, reading room, children’s workshops, playground, theater groups, community garden, charity bazaars etc.

During the summer, Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera organized events for Internationalist Solidarity for the Rojava Revolution, with the participation of people who have been directly involved in the experiment of the Democratic Confederalism. An experiment that has been taking place there in the recent years and has been under constant attack, both by the fascist Turkish state and by the imperialist forces that are constantly intervening in NE Syria.

Let’s not forget the gun shots against the social center K * BOX, in Exarchia, fortunately without victims, by the mafia ravaging the area with the tolerance of the police. These events had preceded the failed attempt to evacuate the squat Libertatia in Thessaloniki.

Let us stand in solidarity in every possible way with the Fighting Squats who are facing state repression by the far-right government of New Democracy.

Hands off the squats!!

Black Roses will bloom for a lifetime!!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Initiative for Internationalist Solidarity

(member of the international campaign RiseUp4Rojava)

Women Defend Rojava Athens Committee

Athens, September 2020

For Greek:σε-ένα-κόσμο-ασφυκτικό-οι-καταλήψεις-ε/

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