Statement regarding the fascist attacks on the Ernst Kirchweger Haus.

Statement regarding recent events outside of the EKH in Vienna Favoriten.

Turkish fascists attacked a women's rights / Kurdistan rally in Vienna-Favoriten on 24th June. Afterwards, the rally participants were also attacked by fascists in front of the Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH). This was followed by a solidarity protest in front of the EKH, during the course of which the police conducted racist controls and arrested an uninvolved person.

At the demonstration against fascist attacks the next day, Thursday, Turkish fascists tried repeatedly to provoke, disturb and attack the demonstration. After the demonstration, the far right wing group called 'Grey Wolves' (AKP supporters and self-proclaimed "guardians of Favoriten") gathered again in the area and attacked the EKH after the police withdrew despite the obviously imminent escalation. 200-300 fascists rioted in Wielandgasse for a while, attacked the EKH with stones, bottles and fireworks and tried to enter the building by force. Several window panes on the ground floor were smashed in the process.It was only thanks to the solidarity of anti-fascists that something much worse could have ultimately been prevented. The police, however, remained passive for a long time.

This was the second attack on leftist and anti-oppression structures and events within two days and we expect it not to be the last one. These attacks are related to the repressive politics of Turkey under the leadership of Erdogan, which is currently reigning terror on the Kurdish population and bombing Kurdish areas. They are also part of a longer history of attacks on the EKH, where events and activities of Kurdish associations' take place. Our solidarity therefore goes out to those affected by the Turkish aggression in the Kurdish areas, here in Austria and also worldwide to all those who are working for a more just society.

This is a call to all anti-fascists to show solidarity and to participate in further protests!Next meeting point: Saturday 27th June - Columbusplatz, Vienna - Favoriten. We need as many people as possible!

Fascism - never again!Biji Berxwedan! Jin, Jiyan, Azadî!


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