The presence of DELTA cops in victoria square to not allow the assembly to take place, but we not gonna leave the square of victoria and do our assembly.

Defend the public space is our duty.

We call the movment to join us to defend the public place.


Συνέλευση μεταναστ(ρι)ων για τον ανασχηματισμό του μαχητικού προλεταριάτου

από Συνέλευση μεταναστ(ρι)ων για τον ανασχηματισμό του μαχητικού προλεταριάτου 30/05/2020 8:20 μμ.

After presence of DELTA cops in Victoria square, we decided to stay and do our assembly to defend the public space against state repression.

DELTA did left the square after 20 min of having presence next to our assembly but at the moment DELTA is not at the Victoria square anymore.

Since childrens were with some families who participated in the assembly and some comrades did not have legal papers, we decided to continue our assembly at Pedion Areos park, near the door of the park(from mavromateo street)

DELTA made harassment to us, in order to cancel the assembly but we resist and stayed at the square of Victoria as long as the cops were there. We left the square of Victoria, when the cops left the Victoria square.

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