Santiago, Chile: Letter from an Anarchist Comrade Imprisoned for Participating in the Social Revolt

A fraternal embrace full of complicity for all those who are, in one way or another, part of this tireless struggle, all those people who anoymously go out and participate in direct confrontation, without fear and with the desire to exploit everything.

From the threshold where the fragility of freedom confronts the punitive and flagellant desire, the subjectivity of the idea becomes living flesh in front of the scavenging system, which seeks to erase and depredate all antagonism in this society of spectacle, merchandise and fetishism.

I have at least had the satisfaction of striking at this prevailing system and its voracious mechanisms, where anyone can see how a few people spend uselessly enough to feed hundreds of families, this society that allows a few people to monopolize social wealth by fostering misery and oppression.

I declare myself an enemy of this model and its irrefutable perpetuity, of its dogmas and moral chains, which daily harass our being / existence and leave no room for freedom or spontaneity, limiting us to be part of the homegeneity transforming us into mere numbers within the mass.

Against extractivist activities and the impoverishment of the earth and its people!

Free all the prisoners!

An Anarchist Prisoner Santiago Prison No. 1

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

Original posted at 18/02/2020via

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