The new wave of protests against the overthrowing Ukrainian Airlines with 176 DELIBERATE HUMAN SLAUGHTER by the Fascistic Caliphate regime has begun in Iran. Several Iranian university students participate in protest actions with more radical slogans than before. Here is today’s demonstration at Beheshti University in Tehran with slogan


In the wake of the hypocritical confession and accepting of responsibility by the Fascistic Shia Islamic Caliphate Rule in Iran, after three days of fake informations about this intentional human disaster, namely downfalling of the Ukrainian Airlines aircraft with 176 passengers by the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)” air defende system on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 yesterday, January 11, protesters in several areas of Tehran held demonstrations with the slogans: “WE DO NOT WANT THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC!”, … demanded this regime to disappear. Similar demonstrations have been held in several other large and small cities. Another slogans was including

– Fundamentalists and Reformists, time is out for You– Death to the dictator / Death to liars– Khamenei and Soleimani are both killer– We have not sacrificed our lives to praise and reconcile us with the leader who kills– The Revolutionary Guard and Radio- TV channels are Nation’s shame.

We support the Call for the assembly to co-organize a demonstration in solidarity with protests of Iran,  Thursday, 16 january at 19:00, polytechnio, GINI.

Solidarity from anarchists in Iran to the community squats of koukaki in athens

Solidarity with arrested comrades from panatoliou 21 and matrozou 45 squats


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