Public account of the operation by the state terrorist agency and my arrest

On the evening of the 8th of November, around 7pm, 20 hooded mercenaries of the ‘counter-terrorist’ police and 2 riot squads surround the house, on Strefi hill, where I live with my partner and child. What took place during these days, I ought to publicly account for, from my side, mainly to deposit my experience to common knowledge.


On the evening of the 8th of November, around 7pm, 20 hooded mercenaries of the ‘counter-terrorist’ police and 2 riot squads surround the house, on Strefi hill, where I live with my partner and child. Since I am not there, they call a random neighbor to witness the search. The investigation lasts until about 1 am, and the findings, as I was informed later during my arrest on the 12th floor of GADA (Police HQ), included a big amount of notes and political texts, a laptop and file storage devices.

It is not the first time that the cops raid the home of anarchist D.X. , looting personal and mainly political material, computers and other valuable things, without ever finding anything noteworthy for their cases. The most recent raid took place on the day of the eviction of GARE squat, along with 3 other squats on the 26th of August this year, when they kidnapped the comrade D.X. from the neighborhood and led him to an abandoned building with a search warrant for ‘drugs and weapons’, which someone had reported that D.X. was hiding in the building. Since they found nothing in that building, they continued the search in our house, without any results. The purpose, of course, was to deliver the message that whenever they want they can plant whatever they want on fighters, and on top of that they can bury us in the mud like drug dealers.

The news of the house search on November 8th, was not unexpected. It had become clear to me that as much the house, as I personally, had been under close surveillance many days prior to the raid. Since they didn’t find me at the house, they took me from the house of a relative on the morning of the 9th of November, where I had spent the night with my child. Five hooded men of DAEEV (‘counter-terrorist unit’) and a public prosecutor entered the house and called me to go with them as a witness in a robbery case. I denied, telling them that they could just send me a summons, and they threatened to take me by force. In the end they took me un-cuffed from there to the 13th floor of GADA and placed me in an office with one hooded cop watching me non stop. In the meantime they continued the search at the homes of the mother and sister of my partner. What took place during these days, I ought to publicly account for, from my side, mainly to deposit my experience to common knowledge.

The mind is the target…

In my perception, the methods of the terrorist agency comprise a mass psychological weapon of war. Psychological because it literally aims at breaking all resistance by psychological means, and mass because it targets everyone.

The interrogation in the white offices of the ‘counter-terrorist’ unit is a theater performance, interactive, with an uncertain end. The denial of access to a lawyer, on the pretext that this is a preventative prosecution and not an arrest, is the first step of isolation on which gradual terrorism is invested. What follows is a long detention in the same chair, in the same office, in absolute silence, left essentially to face my worst enemy, my thoughts. This is the torture, agony and boredom, under the threat of some fabricated charges and of prolonged captivity, and of course of the violent separation from my young child. That last thing, does not affect only me, but mainly the child itself, a fact which intensifies the torture per se. The typical interrogation is a 5 minute ‘conversation’ with some interrogator who immediately asks me where is D.X., and other stuff about whether I know where he is involved etc. At my statement that as anarchists our political action is known, and that the particular comrade has been especially targeted in the recent period, with the example of the attempt to plant ‘drugs and weapons’ on him, he says “we don’t do that kind of thing, it was another agency”! And besides, they don’t care about his political activity, but only about the ‘illegal actions’. He announces that D.X. is wanted for a robbery and that I will be detained and charged for certain things that were found in my house, without telling me what exactly. It seems that the threat of planting fake evidence is a tool commonly used by all agencies. From my informal arrest until the official charge, eight hours pass, interrupted only by the humanitarian intervention of the chief of the ‘counter-terrorist’ agency, who expresses his concern about Dimitri’s health, and that all this “isn’t worth it”.

“Wait a little”, is the only phrase addressed to me by the hooded guards for the next 8 hours. I refused water and food until I was transferred to the cells of the 7th floor, knowing that intoxication is also a tool of interrogation and torture. When I was finally charged, I learned that I’d been detained for some swords, some indeterminable smoke signal device and knives that were found in the house, and that I would be taken to court the next day.

On the way between one office to the next, they made sure that I cross paths with other detained witnesses, among whom I recognized known comrades. It is the moment when I realize that an extensive operation is underway, with prosecutions, perhaps even arrests of comrades and home raids. This was confirmed the next day by my lawyer, when I was led to the prosecutor by hooded guards with machine guns, even though I am only charged with misdemeanors. My treatment was justified, because, as they said, I was the third arrested in the case of dismantling the organization Revolutionary Self-defense, for which are accused the anarchist V.S., one more person, and the wanted anarchist and my partner D. X.. For my case, I was led the following day to court, again with the special treatment of daeev. The trial was postponed for the 25th of November, accompanied with the prosecutor’s recommendation that I am not allowed to leave the country and that I deliver all my identity documents. The proposal was rejected by the judges and I was let free without restrictions.

From the 8th of November until today, there have been dozens of abductions of comrades and house raids, which are continuing. The target is endlessly broad and it includes comrades from squats and open assemblies, personal and social relations, with a clear focus on GARE squat and wherever it has participated, such as the struggle against repression, particularly in Exarchia, solidarity with political prisoners, internationalist solidarity, the struggle for the squats. It is in this framework, that the siege and invasion into the neighborhood of Prosfygika took place on the 9th of November, the abductions and lengthy interrogations of members of occupied Prosfygika community and the looting in the homes of comrades from the neighborhood, by the terrorist agency. In the meantime, the mouthpieces of the authorities are enriching the criminalization of the grass-roots self-organized spaces, hinting that the wanted comrade may be located in a squat in Exarchia. Moreover, they have already made sure, from the previous pseudo left management, to criminalize, gradually, the entire anarchist movement. Practices of struggle are slandered as selfish crimes, and fighters defamed as mafia, smugglers, and drug-dealers. This well orchestrated black propaganda has been tested with particular emphasis on GARE squat and the specific wanted comrade in all the preceding period.

This whole operation is set up a few days before the anniversary of the Polytechneio revolt, in the midst of a heavy climate of generalized repression and spreading of fear towards those who are resisting. This juncture is not a coincidence. Besides, the entire spectrum of political management during the years of the austerity measures, has been raving on about turning Polytechneio into a museum, in other words mummifying any memory and prospect of revolt. Rulers and their sheriffs have announced some time now and they are already implementing, the sweeping attack against any structure, practice and capacity of resistance to the intensified pillaging and exploitation of the plebeians, so that the vampires of this world ensure a little more of our blood. This is why they evict squats, this is why they want to wipe off the map any places of meeting and organization, this is why they plan to bury our neighborhood squares under the debris of ‘gentrification’, this is why they build more prisons, this is why they have flooded our streets with cops and snitches, this is why they impose a state of apartheid for the migrants, the ‘others’ the wretched ones. Because they are afraid.

But, we, the wretched, the impoverished, those who resist, we are not mice, hidden in dark sewers. Our ‘circle’ is the entire earth. And we know that as long as we struggle, we are free.



Myrto S.


Original in Greek:

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