Call for a demonstration in solidarity with worker activists(iran)

Our demonstration will be together with 14th September demonstration, which will start at 12:00 from propylea. We support the struggle against state(greek) repression and we are in solidarity with squats

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Heavy Prison Sentences for workers and its solidarians 

The demand of “Bread, Work and Freedom” is in prison in Iran!

Workers and solidarians of the Haft Tappeh sugar cane factory in the southwestern province of Khuzestan in Iran were sentenced to heavy imprisonment 7th September.

The fines imposed on the workers and their solidarians, who have been fighting for their demands for two years and organized by establishing a workplace committee in the factory, have once again shown the regime's fear of the class movement.

The defenders of the capital once again raided their programs to suppress the workers' movement.

They do not hesitate to do anything they can to silence the workers. The rulers show that the biggest fear of the Iranian capitalist class is the working class struggle.According to Haft Tappeh workers' social media;

Haft Tappeh worker "Esmaeil Bakhshi" sentenced to 14 years in prison

solidaritian of workers "Sepideh Gholian" sentenced to 18 years and 6 months in prison

"Amir Huseyin Muhammedi Ferd", the editor of Gam (Adim), a solidarian of the workers, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Journalist "Asal Muhammedi" sentenced to 18 years in prison

Journalist "Sanaz Allahyari" sentenced to 18 years in prison

Journalist "Amir Amirgoli" sentenced to 18 years in prison

Haft Tappeh worker "Muhammed Hanifer" sentenced to 6 years in prison

While the Iranian regime's courts imposes prison sentences, hundreds of Haft Tappeh workers continue to strike.

The regime, which imposes penalty of imprisonment to those who has been struggling with the demand of “bread, work and freedom for months, has once again proved that it is an enemy of workers, instead of paying attention to their demands and organizing the struggle and they have been punishing those who support the struggle.

These provisions mean that the demand for “bread, work and freedom’ in Iran is thrown into prison!But no matter how hard the regime attacks, the working class continues to resist for its demands and goals at every opportunity.

14th September, at 12:00 in propylea

We support the struggle against state(greek) repression and we are in solidarity with squats 


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