Greece, Demos of the 17 November day for the Saloniki 7

Greece, Demos of the 17 November day for theSsaloniki 7

Anarchists' mobilizations -in many different cities of the country- for the 30 years after the repression of the Polytechnic uprising from the military dictatorship, had the character of solidarity with the 7 prisoners from the demonstrations against the Thessaloniki EU summit and the spirit that the struggle continues against the modern "democratic" dictatorship of the globalized State terrorism and Capitalism. ATHENS. The anarchist bloc, with a banner demanding the immediate liberation of the 7 Thessaloniki prisoners, gathered 2.000-3000 people in a demo of total 15.000. Despite the huge police mobilization -7.000 cops, snipers on roofs, helicopters etc- and the state officials' declarations of "zero tolerance" (which may not be clear for someone abroad but here it scandalous for what is supposed to be "the celebration of democracy") many young people did not surrender to fear and joined the anarchist demo, with slogans and spray-painting for the 7, against the Olympic games, "anti"terrorism, war and modern dictatorship (one of the main slogans was "there is police in every corner, dictatorship didn't stop in '73). The first incident was comrades spotting a plain-clothes cop and practicing some zero tolerance on his head. Confrontations started outside the US embassy with stones and other objects thrown against the riot-police who used tear-gas to be answered with molotov. From that point and for the next hour there were clashes, some barricades on fire in the streets as the bloc was moving to Alexandras str, collecting and throwing stones against the police and with people shouting slogans for the 7 and COPS-PIGS-ASSASSINS, while tear-gas was falling around. The demonstrators passed in front of the Police Headquarters and attacked the building. Other targets smashed were 4 banks and 2 car dealerships. There were about 40 arrests, most of them before the demo or riots started. >From them, 10 people were charged and will be brought to prosecutor today. THESSALONIKI. 1.500-2.000 people participated in the anarchist demo called for the liberation of the 7. Riots occured in the area of the universities, with demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails to the riot police. One person was arrested in the demonstration. Until late at night people were occupying "Theologiki" faculty demanding freedom for the seven. PATRAS. 500 comrades in the anarchist bloc with banner "solidarity with the hunger-strikers, free the thessaloniki 7". In the beginning of the demo there were some clashes with the Socialist party youth. HERAKLION. 300 comrades in the anarchist black bloc with slogans for the Thessaloniki 7. Police (among them special police commandos who are in Crete) tried to encircle the bloc from the beginning, after comrades attacked some socialist party thugs, but the rest of the demo stood in solidarity with the black bloc and refused to continue the demo if the cops would not retreat. One special repression-unit cop who tried to arrest an anarchist was beaten and is now in hospital. XANTHI. 50 Anarchists-antiauthoritarians, with banner 'Free the seven, solidarity with the hunger-strikers" formed a bloc which marched with the rest of the demo and then broke away and gathered outside the city's police station, with slogans for the seven. KERKYRA island. Anarchist bloc, with banner "free the hostages of democracy" and flyers FREE THESSALONIKI SEVEN marched with the rest of the demo RETHYMNO. In the demo of 300 people, 50 comrades formed a bloc for the liberation of Thessaloniki 7. SAMOS island. Antiauthoritarians occupied the Agean University and hang banners "free Thessaloniki 7" and "Peace between the peoples - War between the classes". MYTILINI. Comrades occupied for an hour the ministry of Aegean in solidarity with Thessaloniki 7 and then demonstrated in the city. NEWS: The demand of the 7 for temporary release until their trial has not been answered by the judges yet. Few minutes ago comrades who are in the hospital informed that the manager ordered Carlos' and Spyros' transfer back to prison hospital because they are not accepting to be fed!! Fernando will stay to Nikaia hospital. This development to send them back to prison, when their health condition is getting worse every day is brutal repression exercised by doctors and means an attempt to break their determination in fighting with the weapon of their lives for freedom. There have been other doctors though who strongly complain in public the police methods used upon our comrades.

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Mporeis se parakalo na anafereis tin pigi toy arthrou?

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δημοσιεύτηκε στο a-infos, και η πηγή είναι μια αναρχοσυνδικαλιστική ομάδα

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