Berlin: Solidarity to the arrested comrades in Thessaloniki

From the urban desert of the danger zone in Friedrichshain we send a signal of our solidarity to Yiannis Dimitrakis, Kostas Sakkas and Dimitra Syrianou. On Monday morning, June 24, we erected a burning barricade on Weidenweg (Street near Rigaer and Liebig) togehter with a fixed banner (see text on picture). We were waiting with stones to welcome the first patrol car but they needed time to mass up strong forces to enter the area of Rigaer Straße, and we disappeared safe. On 12/6, comrades Yannis Dimitrakis, Kostas Sakkas and Dimitra Syrianou were arrested for the expropriation of the ATM cash transfer to AHEPA. They gave the following statement: “From the dungeons of the General Police headquarters of Thessaloniki, we send comradely greetings to our comrades who once again stand in solidarity in our new adventures with the police-law repressive mincer. We declare that we remain strong, with our dignity intact, our principles and values ​​guiding our being. We will stand up to the new sufferings that the rulers of this world are preparing for us.“ (source: )

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The unpleasant attempt to associate the arrests of comrades with "terrorism" concerns the urgent need of the prosecution authorities to reap the laurels of great success and, on the other, lay the ground for the vengeful treatment of comrades. Indeed, the "reception" of the GATH detention facilities, in addition to the absence of basic hygiene rules, being flooded with faeces and insects (cockroaches, bugs), was accompanied by the attempt of the isolation, physical and psychological exhaustion of the comrades, over a 12-hour wait in a standing position, wearing the hood on the head and forbidding communication between them by placing them in separate cells.”

(quoted from comrades in Greece )

The anarchist fire of solidarity crosses borders and ideological splits, our fires aim to destroy the world of oppression.

Strength to the unrepentant fighters in the greek prisons – freedom to all prisoners!



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