Peace in times of capitalistic crisis

Reduction of our incomes and simultaneous rise of the cost of living, smashing down our free time, overtaxation of the poor and exemption for the capital, privatizations, curtailment of labour and social rights, looting nature without even any pretext, criminalization of social and class struggles, inability of accessing a multitude of social needs like housing, healthcare, education, food, water, transportation, entertainment and recreation for the majority of the population.

This is, in a few words, the reality of capitalist “peace” we experience, pupils and students, workers and unemployed, the modern proletariat and wider social strata, in the name of the recovery of the nation and the economy. These were the results of another capitalistic crisis, which is impossible to overcome. Even with the abrubt devaluation of our worke force and our living conditions, the local bourgeoisie and also the multinational corporations which suck us dry do not yet have the profitability that they want. And history has shown us what happens when “peace” can't bring profitability...

Militarism and and nationalism on the rise, the probability of war and expenditure for arms

In our days, the whole set of the bourgeoisie political spectrum, has the “good of the nation” as a point of reference. That fact became visible not only by the way which the crisis was administered by all the goverments of the last decade, at the expense of the proletariat and in favour of the bosses. Today, the ND (New Democracy party) and its relative far right entities – directly or indirectly – are dreaming of wars with all the neighbouring peoples, they recall Northern Epirus, borders with Serbia by disintegration of Northern Macedonia, while they set forth on the agenda a military confrontation with Turkey, acting as a rabbit from a hat for the configuration of the political agenda.

Simultaneously, the government unravels a parallel nationalism: Syriza officials declare every now and then in their interviews, that its a “patriotic duty for Greece to become a leadering power in the Balkans and a stability pole in the region” trying to explain the movements of the Greek state the last few years and the deepening of its relationship with the USA and NATO.

The orderly national rhetoric of the past decades, which comes from the whole set of the bourgeoisie political world brings results: the rise of nationalism and racism in the society, which by the way is a necessary precondition placed by the bosses for overcoming the crisis, both in times of peace and in times of war. The results of this today are misleading for the oppressed, as social solidarity loses ground in favour of social cannibalism, with parts of the meek turning against others, usually weaker, while simoulteanously reduce class claims in favour of the national progress.

Nationalism though plays another part, as, hand in hand with militarism, prepares the population for the possibility of a war even nearer to us than the one in Syria. At the same time when large parts of the oppressed are unable to have access to a series of basic social needs, nationalism and militarism sky rocket the expenses for arms programmes, the army's employment in a growing number of “internal” affairs, like we characteristically have seen happening with the administration of immigrants, how they wipe clean the national army's crimes of the past (e.g. the military dictatorship), crimes that the army committed in and out of the borders, how they turn the oppressed into fanatics, preparing them to shed their blood in trenches, in the name of a “big idea”or of the preservation of “national integrity” in the near and visible future, concealing the real reasons of trans-national tensions in the region, which are none other than the capitalists' profits.

The army finally, more and more without any guild whatsoever, starts to play an increasingly vital role in the internal crackdown, something that for the time being, we have only seen it happening through the crowds' crackdown drills, with a readiness for employment as that happened for example during December 2008 and by locking down strikes (see cleaners' strikes), while at the same time it is the army that is patrolling the streets in France and in Turkey.

The energy and EEZ game, the interests of the local bourgeoisie and Greece's new role in the region

What brings profits in periods of crisis, is primarily the new markets. And a quite recent market that opened up is the one about natural gas and more widely that of energy. Europe needs more and more energy for the needs of its population, but primarily for the needs of its industries, something that so far was covered by corporations which were coming from Russia, which – at the same time with other powers like China – begun to question USA's and EU's dominance in a series of the global economy's sectors, a fact that together with the global dimensions of the capitalist crisis, brought the latter to a significantly difficult position.

So corporations from the USA in cooperation with European corporations construct new pipelines for hydrocarbon transfers (e.g. natural gas from Azerbaijan through the TAP), which of course comes from resources controlled by the above or by states under their influence. In these antagonisms the local bourgeoisie and the greek state is developing a unilateral declaration of its EEZ, which in fact is going to present the greek state with common sea borders with Cyprus and Egypt, and completely throws out Turkey, as so happens with the extension of the territorial sea up to 12 nautical miles.

This whole cooperation includes Israel, which grabbs – among other things – and Palestine's natural gas resources, has already carried out mining in the area. Way close, corporations of french, north american and italian interests, that undertake these businesses, and United States themselves and European countries that promote the construction of the EastMed, a new pipeline which supplies the EU with natural gas mined in the Southeastern Mediterranean.

Greece as the first station on continental Europe, having already agreed with Albania, Italy, Cyprus and Egypt for the exact scope of its EEZ, is waiting for the right moment to throw Turkey out after the approval and under the protection of NATO and the EU. While at the same time – together with the colossal corporations – the greek state is creating liquified gas tanks in various regions, is programming its own researches, and local bosses like Latsis with ELPE, are closing deals for business in the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Ionian seas.

NATO, greek state and migration

A result of the imperialist interventions and trans-state conflicts, as correspondingly of the complete looting of the so called “third world's” societies from domestic and international capitalists, is the creation of huge flows of immigrants and refugees. Thousands of hundreds, people of all ages driven away from their lands, crippled by wars, which they didn't want to fight or they didn't find a reason to fight, as none of the flags on the battlefields were theirs. That is the result of nationalisms, of religious fontamentalism and of NATO's and other great powers like Russia and some countries of the EU's surgical strikes. By coming here, they become objects for administration by the same institutions that already have destroyed their lives.

Nato's drills for blocking the immigrants' and refugees entry in the Aegean and in the country – in which Greece and Turkey participate in common at the same moment when the tension between them rises – the greek army that murders them or takes actively part in the trafficking net of the immigrants, while at the same time the greek army has been responsible with their “custody” in camps under squallid conditions, the coast-guard that sinks their boats, the greek police which tortures them and kills them in police stations, the NGOs that do business by selling humanitarianism (part of which are established or being run by domestic and international political factors, of those who directly or indirectly sign the war operations). For those of them who escape from state oppression, the local greek nationalism and racism comes again to marginalize them, to target them, to kill them so that they continue to be a cheap work-force for exploitation from small and big bosses.

Greece's participation, either by bombers' resupplyment bases and of the – on the move – NATO killers, either by providing material forces to wars, and the greek state's policy towards immigrants remains guilty all the same between Syriza and New Democracy – despite the specific differentations between them that keep appearances, which lasts for also many decades in the past, and not only the recent years. It's the greek state's essence specifically (and of every state generally) that has at its core the participation in wars and a share of the prey, and by turning the immigrants illegal, a situation which preserves them as a cheap source of profit for the capital.

Euroatlantic integration of the western Balkans and the new NATO bases in the area

USA and Russia's rivalry, which solidifies on the ground mainly in Ukraine and Syria, has created an imaginary line of a real or a potential instability at the region. Turkey at the same time claims its own share from the slaughter in Syria and also from the drilling in the Mediterranean sea, upgrades its role in the region with its interests – for the time being – close to that of Russia's, something that can be seen by the upgrading of their energy – economic and military cooperation, and by the transfer of a great part of the NATO forces that were stationed in the country – and which today fills every corner of Greece -.

The speeding up of the integration procedure of a number of balkan countries in the EU and in NATO as well is a fact, which had begun many years ago, so that these international organisms can overcome their internal problems. Within those lines we've had the Prespes agreement, which brought another little piece of the Balkans nearer to the USA and the EU, and further away from Russia. That deal had such ramifications, similar with the pressure brought about by both sides in a series of local factors, in their effort to be applied or be overthrown (bribings, incitement of demonstrations, pressures from business and church circles).

The national strategy of the greek government is clear and as we have already said, places Greece as a leading power in the region, within of course the context of the trans-national organizations in which Greece participates. While the greek capital continues and expands its looting in the Balkans with a “peaceful way”, Greece has succeeded to impose its own political and economical terms in Northern Macedonia, while at the same time it welcomes the NATO forces in every corner of the country. Alexandroupoli (with the local mayor wishing that the whole of the base in Intsirlik is moved to the region), Araxos, Skyros, Larisa, Volos, Souda, Andravida are a few of the places where Greece hosts the multinational troops that spread terror, barbarism and bloodshed all over the planet.

Greece's own presence, in turn, is being upgraded, with Syria's last bombardment planned and beginning from the base of Souda, while its place on the second spot on the list with the arms expenditures remains steady (2% of the GDP is what the USA impose to all the countries-members of NATO). The opportunistic greek bourgeoisie shields its dominance on the regions' population – in and out of the border – strengthening even more its relationships with the USA, NATO, the EU countries, offering them simoultaneous opportunities for looting in the region, while at the same time, they shield their authority, their power over us with a more and more upgraded military presence.

Intensification of social and class struggles and international solidarity and organization as a one way street for the multinational proletariat of the region This year, 70 years close since NATO's founding, and 67 years from the greek state's presence into its planning. Dictatorships, prompt interventions, bombardments, wars and new wars in the name of democracy and civilization are more than enough.

At the moment when the transfer of new super weapons and infrastructure of NATO is being prepared in every corner of the greek space, at the moment when the entirety of the Balkans is being transformed into a vast NATO base, at the moment when the Aegean sea has been turned into a parking lot for the american fleet, at the moment when nationalisms on the region lay the ground for new interventions, and at the moment when the danger of new tensions and wars is becoming more and more real, we, the proletarians locally and abroad, have every reason to resist and block the objectives of our exploiters, local and foreign as well.

We have every reason to block the resurfacing nationalism, crushing the fascist assault squads of the capital, indicating its role on behalf of the bosses, revealing the true reasons that nationalism re-enters at the scene as the states' strategic choice. We have every reason to block the resurfacing militarism, reminding the army's authoritarian, racist, patriarchal nature, its historical crimes and also its role in and out of the border. We are placing social needs above the needs for new weapons systems, indicating the military recruitment's class nature, which shamelessly regards only the workers, which are the ones that are intented for slaughter (the recent bill in Cyprus which relieves ship-owners' children is indictive). Standing in solidarity with the recruitment-deniers and also by propagating from this moment military strike in a case of recruitment or war.

We have every reason to block each contingent war incident, while it is just us and our class brothers from the other side who will lose from such a perspective. Our living conditions will become even worse, new business will arise for our common oppressors. A war conducted in the name of a religion or a fatherland or for the gains from the hydrocarbons' mining, won't be our war. These profits are not going to be shared with us, while the environment's looting is going to be unprecedented. We have every reason to block NATO's upgrading in the region, which walks hand in hand with the – inside the country – preparation for war. We don't want nuclear weapons to be installed in Araxos, in one of the most seismically active regions of Greece, we don't want state of the art missiles next to the parks where our children are playing, we don't want military drills and helicopters flying over our heads, we don't want mercenaries' money, that spread death all over the planet. We don't want to be co-responsible for all the wars planned in Thessaloniki's headquarters and implemented by Souda, we don't want to be accessories for the immigrants' who get drowned because of the trans-national drills of NATO in the sea-borders with Turkey.

Lastly, we have every reason, each and every one of us, which under any condition our lives are crushed, to deny both their peace and their war, to also deny their national objectives – which are none other than the objectives of the local elite – as well as their imperial integrations – which is nothing else than the objectives of the local elite in cooperation with the major powers-.We have every reason to make absolutely clear that from Alexandroupoli to Larisa, and from Chania to Patra, there are enough men and women which refuse to join in with the dominant accounts, which refuse to negate the flags of class struggle in front of the blue&white stripes and the star-bangled banner. We have every reason to set up bridges of international solidarity and give common struggles with the Turks, Cypriots, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian proletarians.

70 years from NATO's establishment and 67 from the participation of the greek state on it. 70 years of trans-national militarism and imperial barbarism all over the Earth, we have every reason to fight for a world without armies, borders and wars. For a world without private property in the means of production, without exploitaton between human beings and without looting nature. For a world without discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality. For a world with solidarity, communalism, equality, freedom. For a world that will bring peace for all humanity,, after putting an definitive end to the first and the last of the wars: CLASS WAR, in which we owe it to participate, in which we owe and can become victors, only if we organize, only if we fight..







Komotini, microphonic intervention Saturday 6/4 at 12:00 Eirinis Square

Xanthi, demonstration Saturday 6/4 at 18:00 Eleftherias Square

Thessaloniki, demonstration Saturday 6/4 at 12:00 Kamara

Alexandroupoli, demonstration against the establishment of a NATO base Saturday 13/4 at 13:00 Anexartisias park

Anarchist collectivity Camino Libre (Komotini), Peloto (Xanthi), Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki, Anarchists' Collectivity from the east (Thessaloniki)

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