Sexual harassement and physical violence against lesbian refugee

English translation of this post ( regarding an event of sexual harassement and physical violence against refugee woman on 24/3/19.

The same migrant lesbian girl who was raped in the neighborhood of Exarchia some months ago (for more info on this: and who was imprisoned in Petrou Ralli detention centre shortly after the event of the rape, due to not having legal documents in the country, was again the target of sexual harassment and physical attack by a man in the early hours of 24th of March.

The story that led to her incarceration was that shortly after the event of the rape, while she was walking around Omonia, one of the drug dealers from Exarchia square, who had threatened her with rape and with publishing a video of that, saw her in the street and started to make sexist comments and rape threats, saying things like: "hey trollop, we will rape you again".

She got angry and followed him up in Omonia, but the cops arrested her since someone had called the cops giving a description of her to them.

After staying in the detention center of Petrou Ralli for some months, she was released a few weeks ago.

In her own words:

Today, 24th of March around 03:30 in the morning, while I was in a party event on the area of Psyri, a man who could speak Farsi, Arabic and Greek started to touch my back telling me ‘we will rape you’. I slaped him in the face and some girls next to me asked what happened. I told them that he had touched me, then the guy said ‘no, I didn't’, so the girls allowed him to go. When he went a bit further away from me, he started to threaten me with his hands, telling some things that I could not hear. At this moment some comrades asked me ‘who was it’ so I pointed him to them. Comrades moved him out of the party, and then beat him up. He seized the opportunity to punch me, and he did it on my head, with a very strong punch. I was fell down, almost unconscious and without the ability to move. I had big pain on my head and my neck. Some comrades brought me by taxi to the hospital, where the doctors said that I had no serious head injusry and placed a support for my neck.

Last week, while I was in the red cross, my rapist who is living in the squat Clandestina and is a friend of the Exarchia's drug dealers who have threatened me to rape me in the past, threatened me again. He said he has been watching me for long time and told me ‘I'll see you again, I’ve set aside 600€ to punish you.

20 days before the event of the rape, this drug dealer gang threatened me with rape and then I was raped. One week ago my rapist threatened to punish me and last night another man threatened me, sexually harassed me and beat me up.

Clean your neighborhood from the real trash.

Street punishment to fascists, rapists and homophobia is justice.

#cops #mafia #fascista

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