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Today morning I went to Katekhaki to changing my refugee white card and to get there, I had to use public transportation, while I knew that the gates of metro are close, since from almost one year ago by collaboration between Greek regime and some companies.Around 12:30, while I was come back from Katekhaki, the Controllers of tickets stopped me to cheak my ticket but from one hand; I am a poor people, really even i dosen't have money for my food so I am not able to have a ticket to using the public transportation and from the second hand; I can't accept this capitalistic system that push us for using public transportation to pay money; so finally I got surcharge 85€,While a few minutes before this event, I got another paper in Katekhaki to pay 60€ or 80€ for my legal documents and a few days ago after temporary released from Greek prison I have to pay around 300€ for my nexts courts, the lawyer and...

and for now, I am not able to working hard because in 27th July 2018, I was under torture by Greek cops for being an immigrant anarchist, from this event, my backbone was broken that still I have problem to do anything hard:

I am not telling them to you for get help to pay these money, the real help is solving the problems and the pains, which are common for all of us, so the real solution is not pay these money but it's: destroying the gates, attacking to them, burning the prisons, destroying the borders...My comrades, the answer of the system violence is return the violence to system.


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