Announcement by the Group for Social Anarchism Mauro & Kokkino on the new threats for evacuation against Mundo Nuevo Squat

Announcement by the Group for Social Anarchism Mauro & Kokkino occasioned by the new threats for evacuation against Mundo Nuevo Squat

Flesh of our flesh and blood of our blood.Mundo Nuevo squat has already been counting three years, since the day our group took the initiative and occupied the building at the intersection of the roads Filippou and Siatistis and it will continue to count many more.During these three years, we have already spent long hours working, guarding and supporting this structure in order to create an open field of solidarity. Through hundreds of activities that have taken place there, the squat achieved to bring together young and old fighters and to persuade them that its support is worthwhile. It's all these things that the state wants to attack now, as it has always wanted.It's this will for fighting that the state wants to block, trying to crush the structures of the struggle. This is what the present state administration wants. But they won't achieve anything!And that's because the fighters have already made their decisions. The various institutions involved in the evacuation, will get the answer they deserve. In Athens, our comrades have already made an intervention in the office of V. Kafetzopoulos, a sad puppet of SYRIZA in OKANA. And this was just the beginning. Now it's the time for action and concrete solidarity!We call all fighters to support actively through participation in the daily guarding shifts of the building and all the other actions of the squat. We call every comrade, every group and collective in Greece and abroad to take action against the state and its guard dogs. Every attack against one of us, is an attack to all of us. And it shall not stay unanswered!Evacuation means war!

O σχολιασμός έχει απενεργοποιηθεί.

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