Info event for collectives and comrades about the recent aggresssion by drug dealers against comrades and squats in Exarchia

We call collectives of struggle and comrades to inform about the recent aggression by drug dealers against squats and comrades in Exarchia. This Sunday 7th of October, 6pm in GARE

We call collectives of struggle and comrades to inform about the recent aggression by drug dealers against squats and comrades in Exarchia.

This Sunday 7th of October, 6pm in GARE.

GARE squat, Kallidromiou 74, Exarchia

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in english:

Yesterday afternoon on Thursday 27th of September, a provocative text was circulated on Exarchia sq. which targets collectives of the movement, squats and migrants, handing them over to repression. At the same time this text attempts to isolate from the broader movement those of us who are struggling for the co-organization of migrants, locals and solidarians against all forms of authority.

The said text is written in first person as if it was written by the drug dealers who were ousted from Clandestina that same morning. It is obvious, however, from the style, that political subjects wrote this, in the name of the drug dealers. Some political agents are using the particular gang in a manner that is parastatal, fueling their aggression, in order to attack the libertarian/social movement and solidarity in general.

The narrative of this text about about the events in Clandestina is in its entirety a slanderous parallel of all that had happened during the mafia style eviction of Arachovis 44 squat on 21st of June. However, the roles are presented as reverse: Comrades who had then opposed the blind repression and militarist, financial and political control on migrant squats, are now appearing in the role of the victimizer. Such efforts to spread confusion and to fuel conflicts in the neighborhood are futile. They strengthen us, because they clarify even more who is on which side. Which is the unified network of mafia control and what is the way for struggling for freedom, equality and solidarity.

We are fighting all together, openly and collectively, defending the autonomy and the solidarity between projects of social self-organization. All together we responded to Clandestina's stated need, following its own request and after the squat had exhausted all efforts to resolve the problem inside its assembly, which was besieged by a gang. All together we removed the petty tyrants who were exploiting the squat, threatening its residents, had occupied the women's space and were playing lords of the building throughout the past weeks. All together we are defending the squat until we put into practice our common decision to oust from the neighborhood those who continue to threaten that they will kill comrades and rape women, migrants, fighters and even pregnant ones.

Anyone who offers tolerance to such subjects is complicit. Anyone who invests in them is feeding the state and paramilitary terrorism. Anyone who intends to replace the established mechanisms of control inside the neighborhood or even the balances of power, with new formations of profit making authority, they are like the supporters of the Islamic State, or the theocratic regime of Iran, who support the worst tyrannies in the name of anti-imperialism.


Clandestina Squat

Squat GARE

Political refugees in Greece from the Anarchist Federation Iran &Afghanistan


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