SOLIDARITY WITH SILVIA AND WITH ALL THE COMRADES STRUCK BY REPRESSION About 8 months ago, Silvia, the anarchic comrade living in Bergamo, was put under home arrest, because she was accused of incendiary outrage on a pylon. Silvia has always declared to be outside these facts. On the 3rd of June, while about seventy comrades, outside the court, showed their solidarity with Silvia, she was processed with shortened proceeding and sentenced to three years of reclusion. Even if Silvia isn't under home arrest any longer and she can wait for the appeal without any precautionary restrictions, the fact is that Silvia is been sentenced for three bolts and a common aerosol bomb discovered in her home. The conviction of Silvia is a repressive and threatening deed, that becomes a warning for the whole anarchic movement that during this year has underwent about one hundred perquisitions and dozens of investigations, especially for subversive organization. Repression that hasn' t left out our prisoner comrades who, already hardly damaged in this way, receive censored mail (quite official), have underwent the perquisitions of Del Siervo for the attempt to the Department of the Interior occurred during their detention, the comrade Garagin, imprisoned in Rebibbia jail, without any objective reason, is been transferred in the special section. Seeing the advance of the repression, not only with regard to the anarchic movement, we think that we must not to stop us, because our weapons are determination and solidarity! NEITHER VICTIMS NOR EXECUTIONERS,NEITHER INNOCENTS NOR GUILTIES,JUST FIGHTING PEOPLE! SOLIDARITY WITH SILVIA! ALL FREE!

από yukik 13/06/2002 11:09 μμ.

we are proud for your actions and we hope that you continue your struggle against the opressive turkish state until all prisoners are freed.

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